Isles of Umbra


Isles of Umbra (幻影諸島 [genei shotou] or 'phantom islands' in Japanese) is a group of islands just off the coast to the south of the Skull Valley-Bald Knoll/Halfstone area in western La Noscea on the Rhotano Sea. The Halfstone settlement used to have a good view of the place before it was destroyed in the Calamity, so now the closest place inhabited by the five races is Aleport.

The most prominent feature of the Isles is the Pharos Sirius lighthouse - although it bears noting that while lore says it was present before the Calamity, there was no actual lighthouse on the isles in version 1.x. Another difference is the entrance to the Umbra Cove dungeon that was present only in 1.x and was removed later.

The Isles used to be accessible through various tunnels from the mainland in the Bald Knoll area. However, the Calamity did away with those tunnels, and post-Calamity the only way to reach the place is by ferry from Aleport.


Isles of Umbra Docks

The docks (船着場:幻影諸島 [funatsukiba: genei shotou] or 'dock: phantom isles' in Japanese) is the sole safe way to reach (at least this corner of) the Isles of Umbra. The ferry service travels between the Isles of Umbra docks and Aleport.

Ship Graveyard

The Ship Graveyard (船の墓場 [fune no hakaba] or 'ship graveyard' in Japanese) is a shallow bay on the south shore of the accessible island in the Isles of Umbra. Water currents in the surrounding seas work such that any ship wrecked in the south of Vylbrand gets transported here. It is said that for every wreck visible, a dozen more lie below the surface.

Umbra Cove

The Umbra Cove was only present in version 1.x, and then only as an entrance. It was never actually added to the game, so nothing more about the place is known aside from its name.

Moonshade Isle

Moonshade Isle (月影島 [tsukikagejima] or 'moonshadow island' in Japanese) is one of the smaller islands in the Isles of Umbra. Its south-western side is mostly sandy beach while the north-eastern side facing the rest of the Isles consists of tall cliffs. The Isle is accessed during some sahagin daily quests.

The Merchantman

The Merchantman (洋上の商船 [youjou no shousen] or 'merchant ship on the sea' in Japanese) is a merchant vessel sailing to the south-west of the Moonshade Isle on the Rhotano Sea. It can be accessed during some sahagin daily quests.

Pirate Vessel

The unnamed pirate vessel (洋上の海賊船 [youjou no kaizokusen] or 'pirate ship on the sea' in Japanese) is following the Merchantman. It can be accessed during some sahagin daily quests.



Regular NPCs (2.0+) Yellowjackets (1.x)
Erapi Taropi
Otan Yaratan
Ferry Skipper
Magic Pot
Quest NPCs (2.0+) Quest NPCs (1.x)
Hildibrand Manderville
Serpent Reaver Captain
Storm Captain
Storm Flyer


There were no quests originating in the Isles of Umbra in version 1.x.

Main Quests
Sweet Somethings
History Repeating

Side Quests
Grave Happenings
Pickled and Brined
Too Many Cooks


Note that there is no gathering data for version 1.x. More information needed.

Fishing: Isles of Umbra Northshore
Level: 40, Type: Saltwater
Fullmoon Sardine
Helmsman's Hand
Lavender Remora
Merlthor Goby
Ocean Cloud
Pike Eel
Red Coral
Silver Shark

Fishing: The Ship Graveyard
Level: 45, Type: Saltwater
Blacklip Oyster
Frilled Shark
Giant Squid
Merlthor Goby
Mummer Wrasse
Pike Eel
Red Coral

Fishing Hole: Isles of Umbra Southshore
Level: 50, Type: Saltwater
Blacklip Oyster
Fullmoon Sardine
Mummer Wrasse
Red Coral
Sea Devil

In addition to the above, the fishing in Moonshade Isle, the Merchantman and the pirate vessel produce Galadion Bay fishing results.


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Dead Man's Moan
Preying Mantis
Elder Goobbue
Qiqirn Mercenary
FATE Monsters (2.0+)
Dead Man's Moan
Mantis King
Quest Monsters (2.0+)
Charmed Boatswain
Charmed Captain
Charmed Falmadair
Charmed Gromet
Charmed Lodesman
Eggplant Knight
Garlic Jester
Mandragora Queen
Onion Prince
Sweet Song
Tomato King
Event Monsters (2.0+)
Scrambling Spriggan
Rank B+ Hunts (2.0+)
Dark Helmet

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