Iron Maiden

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The Iron Maiden is a sprawling dungeon beneath the southern parts of the city of LeĆ” Monde in Vagrant Story. The strongest bosses in the game can be found here.

It bears noting that the B2 area, further down from the surface than B1, is in the shape of the Rood.



The Cage
The Cauldron
Wooden Horse
+to get back up, first push the southernmost roll stone east three and north one. Go to the highest roll stone and push it west. Pick up the box and put it by the wall. Climb up.
The Breast Ripper
The Wheel
The Pear
+to go northward first destroy the pile of two boxes. Then push the westernmost push box north one and east two. Stand on top of it and jump to the eastern edge via the Cloudstone. On the eastern edge, push both numbered stones with the number 1, then push the number 3 one west two. Climb up and jump.
The Judas Cradle
The Whirlygig
Spanish Tickler
Heretic's Fork
The Chair of Spikes
+to get back up, go between the magnetic blocks on the east side. Pick up the blue block to your west, and place it atop the blue block to the south. Pick up the westernmost blue block and place it where you were standing for the previous move. Stand on top of it and pick up the blue block you placed to your south, put it where you took the block you're standing on. Go stand on its east side. Pick up the blue block to your east, and put it on top of the other blue block there. Go find the highest frictionless block. Stand on top of it and pick up the highest blue magnetic block. Place it by the north wall. Climb up and advance.
+terra thrust trap beyond the chasm
Cleansing the Soul
The Ducking Stool
The Branks





The Wheel
Bull Shot (Griever (Hagane), Bhuj Type)
Baselard (Hagane)
Djinn Amber

The Judas Cradle
Sonora (Bastard Sword (Hagane), Power Palm)
Bullova (Hagane)
Ifrit Carnelian

The Ducking Stool
Red Viking (Kora (Hagane), Power Palm)
Polar Axe (Hagane)
Marid Aquamarine

The Branks (Chest Key)
Balalaika (Double Blade (Hagane), Bhuj Type)
Bec de Corbin (Hagane)
Dao Moonstone


Dark Skeleton
Boss: Wraith & Gargoyle x2
Boss: Wraith & Mummy x2
Boss: Wyvern Knight
Boss: Iron Golem

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