Interdimensional Rift
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Interdimensional Rift is the tenth and final area of Final Fantasy All the Bravest. Unlike other non-DLC areas, it has 9 locations to it.
Not much at all can be said about the location of the Rift. It is accessed by airship only, first time from the ??? area.




This section lists the available new loot from the monsters in the area. Loot from monsters that have also appeared in previous locations has not been listed.

Butterfly Sword
Radiant Lance
Wyvern Lance


This section lists the available monster encounters in every location of the area.

Interdimensional Rift 1
Coeurl x6
Gold Bear x6
Sandworm x3
Silver Lobo x5

Interdimensional Rift 2
Boss: Lich

Interdimensional Rift 3
Armored Fiend x3
Basilisk x4
Bomb x9
Flamehound x4
Gigas x3

Interdimensional Rift 4
Boss: Marilith

Interdimensional Rift 5
Gil Turtle x7
Sahagin x4, Gil Turtle x3
Sucker x4, Leap Frog x3

Interdimensional Rift 6
Boss: Kraken

Interdimensional Rift 7
Floating Eye, Bloody Eye, Ahriman
Gaelicat x7
Zu, Floating Eye x2

Interdimensional Rift 8
Boss: Tiamat

Interdimensional Rift 9
Final Boss: Neo Exdeath

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