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The Iifa Tree (イーファの樹 [iifa no ki] or 'Tree of Eva' in Japanese) is the great tree regulating the flow of souls in Final Fantasy IX. It is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the 'Lifa' tree, due to the already mis-translated English-language name of 'Iifa' instead of 'Eva'. The origin of the name should be obvious, referring to the biblical Eve and her adventure with the snake and the apple.


The Iifa Tree is a huge construct created by the people of Terra (or more specifically, Garland) 3,000 years ago. Its roots cover just about half of the continent it stands on, and that is just the visible portion of the tree. The remainder of it is mainly roots, spreading its grasp towards the Gaia Crystal, the core of the Gaia world. From within the Crystal it draws out living souls and recycles them, spewing out a substance known as Mist. Most of this Mist ends up on the Mist continent, and it is known to be extremely dangerous due to its ability to create monsters out of regular flora and fauna.
The inside of the tree can be accessed via various pieces of Terran technology. Inside one can find elevators and entryways to the core of the tree, where Soulcage lives. This creature regulates the flow of souls and Mist within the tree, and serves as its guardian.

The Iifa Tree was destroyed at the end of the game when Necron was defeated. Before its death it went wild, its roots flailing around and destroying most of the already barren continent.


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