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Final Fantasy XIV

Hydaelyn is the stage for Final Fantasy XIV. Long ago, the goddess Hydaelyn and the god Zodiark were divided from their one being. Hydaelyn cast out Zodiark and he became the moon known as Menphina. This casting out had the effect of dividing the world into 14 reflections - alternate realities, listed below - which all started the same but in the thousands of years since have evolved separately.

In the current day, the Ascians, who are disciples of Zodiark, attempt to force a fusion of the shard worlds back into the Source, the original world, and allow Zodiark to return. Each time they are successful in destroying a reflection in the right way, the Source world suffers a period known as an Umbral Calamity, followed by an Umbral Era. From the amount of umbral calamities we know that seven reflection worlds have been successfully guided to destruction so far. In addition, two other reflections have been otherwise destroyed.

Hydaelyn Reflections
Source - where the game happens
First shard - became inert after a Flood of Light
Thirteenth shard - became a void after a Flood of Darkness
2-12th shards - status unknown, seven among them have been destroyed

In addition to the above, there is a plethora of other gods (or semi-gods), of which it isn't known if they're real or man-made. In addition, there are also the primals, which are considered as gods by the peoples who summon them, but are actually reflections of the summoners' own desires and fears. The world also used to have Dalamud, a secondary moon, which was actually a man-made satellite. It was created during the Third Astral Era and fell out of the sky during the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

The known continents of Hydaelyn are the northern continent Ilsabard (the main seat of the Garlean Empire), the eastern continent Othard (ruled by the Garlean Empire in the present day) and the south-western continent of Aldenard. The last of these is part of the region of Eorzea along with its surrounding islands. All the three continents mentioned are connected in the centre and fan out from there. Besides the three of them, there is one continent to the south, known as Meracydia, and another continent to the far west known as New World to Eorzeans, but Mamook to its native residents.

The general state of Hydaelyn civilizations is unknown as large swathes of the world remains a mystery. Eorzeans appear to have steam- and some ceruleum-powered technology (most of the latter from Garlean technologists) but rely mostly on magic to get by. The Garleans, in turn, do not have much skills in magic and have developed the art of magitek to do it for them, as machinery is far easier for them to control. Their technological level is higher than that of Eorzeans.
One known past civilization is the Allagan Empire of 5,000 years ago, who provided free energy to all its citizens and were capable of traveling to space. This appears to be the most advanced civilization the world has held in all its history.

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