Humblehearth (妖精の火床 [yousei no hidoko] or 'firebed of faeries' in Japanese - more loosely translated, 'faerie hearth') is an area in the central Shroud, almost directly south out of Gridania. Directly south of Humblehearth lies the Sorrel Haven, and to the north and east is Bentbranch. The area doesn't cover too much ground, but manages to include several clearings as well as several caves, one of which houses the Amberscale Rock in the west.

Please note that this area was retconned and became inaccessible in the Calamity. There is still a clear space for it on the version 2.0+ maps, although smaller in size and confined to the original's eastern side, but players cannot access the area. In the transition, the west side of Humbleheart became part of the Sorrel Haven area.



Amberscale Rock

While it isn't known what exactly Amberscale Rock (鱗紋岩 [urokomon iwa] or 'scale crest rock' in Japanese) is, it is of the same amber-like substance that several other statue-like rock formations around the Black Shroud are made out of. Compared to the others, however, the Amberscale Rock is much bigger, and resembles a crouching dragon.

All that is known about the properties of Amberscale Rock is that it seems to attract ancient elementals, and that it might have something to do with the conjurer Morys, who lost his memories when the greenwrath took him.



Humblehearth Battlewarden


Fighting Leves
From the Sea to the Trees
The Goodwill Traders
Necrologos: Celeritous Impetus
Necrologs: In Shadow Bemantled
Necrologos: Thousandfold Agony
Reforesting Humblehearth
The Root of the Problem
Underneath the Shell

Gathering Leves
Assaying Humblehearth
Jade for the Eye
Logging Humblehearth
Mahogany Waterwheels
Preserving Humblehearth
Salmon Superior


Fishing Spearfishing
Bone Crayfish
Monke Onke
Southern Pike
Yugr'am Salmon
Purple Dye
Muddy Water
Logging Harvesting
Decayed Matter
Iron Acorn
Salt Leek
Yew Branch
Yew Log
Green Dye
White Truffle
Mining Quarrying
Mythril Ore
Raw Rubellite
Raw Tourmaline
Silver Ore
White Dye
Earth Rock
Ice Rock


Regular Monsters
Antelope Doe
Aurora Angler
Dire Dormouse
Feral Watchdog
Magicked Bones
Mirror Roselet
Mun-Tuy Squirrel
Pruned Roselet
Pygmy Dormouse
Wind Elemental

Additional Leve Monsters
Curious Galago
Darkeye Devilet
Darkwing Devilet
Delta Crab
Fevered Doe
Giant Slug
Greedy Angler
Inland Angler
Karakul Ewe
Lowland Billygoat
Lowland Nannygoat
Nutbiter Marmot
Raptor Poacher
Uncommon Cactuar
Vile Gnat
Water Elemental
Wolf Poacher

Notorious Monsters

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