The Kingdom of Horne (ホルン王国 [horun oukoku] or 'horun kingdom' in Japanese) is the starting location of the game in Four Heroes of Light. It's located far at the bottom of the map, although the map's arrangement as a 'donut shape' world (where north connects to south in addition to east connecting to west) makes it difficult to say if it is actually located in the south. However, this might be a good bet, considering its two neighboring countries, Guera and Liberte have a southern feel to them. Despite its two neighbors, Horne is actually a very isolated kingdom. To the north lies nothing but the Witch's Mansion, and Guera has been hidden away by a curse for a long time.

Horne is a small kingdom with relatively little area to its name. There aren't even much any notable places within it, aside from the Witch's Mansion and the North Caves leading up to it. The city itself seems to mostly be a farming town, with big fields around it. Horne is the kingdom of wind, and appropriate for its theme, there are windmills everywhere.
The castle is located right north of the city, high up above it on tall cliffs. Below the castle there's the Magic Laboratory, where the ultimate spell of Black Magic is sealed. The kingdom isn't much associated with magic generally, although its in-development name was Spelantza (スペランツァ)1.


Horne's national animal is the sheep, and indeed, sheep seem to provide the main livelihood of the kingdom aside from farming. It doesn't appear that Horne has much contact with the outside world other than the occasional visitor from Liberte, so they must be very self-sufficient.

The coat of arms of the Horne royal family bears the likeness of a unicorn. Indeed, the main hall of the Horne castle has a statue of one.

In the game the four Warriors of Light - Brandt, Jusqua, Yunita and Aire - came from Horne. At this time, magic was forbidden in the kingdom by the order of the king. This was a relatively recent order dating back some 14 years.
While the town is the starting point, very quickly the citizens become afflicted with a curse that turns everyone into stone. The Warriors then set on their way, before eventually returning towards the end of the storyline and making it so that the curse never happened.

Horne Town

The town of Horne is located around the middle of the kingdom. It gives off a small-town feel with its quaint straw-roofed houses and its endlessly stretching fields. There's a river running through the city that can be crossed via any of the several bridges.

The protagonist Brandt's house is located on the eastern edge of the town, well isolated from the main part of it by a shallow branch of the river.


In the town proper there is an inn and a general purpose store, as well as a Connection House far in the northern reaches of the town, almost to the forest surrounding the northern cliffs where the castle is located.

Horne Castle


The castle lies high above the town on the western cliff. It is only approachable by a bridge from the eastern cliff, which seems to be more dedicated for windmills and the grazing of sheep. There are two guards on duty at the draw bridge of the castle at all times.

On the first floor of the castle there are the quarters of the small defense force of the royal family. Horne has never been a warring country, so there was never any need to expand on that. The second floor has the throne room and the rooms of the members of the royal family.

Magic Laboratory

Below the Horne Castle there is the Magic Laboratory. For the last 14 years or so it has been sealed away with nobody able to access it. The door leading to the laboratory is located in the prison/store room section at the very back of the castle.
For more information on it, please access the lab's own page.

Other Features

To the north-east of the town of Horne is a small cave complex called the North Caves. It connects the general Horne plateaus with the highlands that the Witch's Mansion is located in. To see more information about these two features, please visit their own pages.


Overworld 1

These monsters appear in the Horne-area overworld in the beginning of the game.

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Overworld 2

These monsters appear in the Horne-area overworld during the second visit, in the flashback-section.

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