Horizon's Edge


Horizon's Edge (ホライズン・エッジ [horizon edge] in Japanese) is the core area of western Thanalan in Final Fantasy XIV. It was said that from the cliffs located here you could see all the way to the end of the horizon, which is how the area got its name. Originally it reached all the way to the coast of the Rhotano Sea in the west, but in the Calamity the rock formations holding up the top layers of rock towards the coast simply collapsed, leaving the below-ground Footfalls open to the sky completely, as opposed to simply through various-sized holes on the rock cover as before it. The waypoint bar Coffer & Coffin used to be located in the area that collapsed, and has since relocated to Black Brush in central Thanalan.

To the south of Horizon's Edge lies Nophica's Wells, although it bears noting that its location may have been slightly retconned. Whereas before, the high area with the entrance to Copperbell Mines was part of Nophica's Wells and south of the Allagan Sunway leading to Black Brush in the east, the entrance to the mines is now north of it and Nophica's Wells proper to its south. If the location of Nophica's Wells isn't a complete retcon and has some basis on the shifting face of the ground during the Calamity, it is possible that the Sunway now passes through the old Nophica's Wells area (directly south of the Copperbell Mines entrance) before reaching central Thanalan. Regardless, beyond the basin containing Nophica's Wells in the present is the area of Hammerlea, to which Horizon's Edge is connected to with a stone bridge. The northern reaches of Horizon's Edge have become completely inaccessible to players.

In the present, Horizon's Edge is a leveling place for players recommended level 10. In version 1.x it was for recommended level 20.



Horizon (ホライズン [horizon] in Japanese) is the local Brass Blade encampment that used to more frequently go by name of Camp Horizon before the Calamity. It is now located at the western edge of Horizon's Edge, when before the Calamity it was central to the area. Either case, the Royal Allagan Sunway runs straight through the camp, and is heavily trafficked by all the merchants bringing goods from the Vesper Bay docks to the city of Ul'dah.

The encampment is characterized by its two gates, the Sunset Gate (サンセット門 [sunset mon] or 'sunset gate') in the west and the Sunrise Gate (サンライズ門 [sunrise mon] or 'sunrise gate') in the east. The Sunset Gate has been fitted with a pulley mechanism for more easily bringing goods up the steep descent separating Horizon's Edge from Footfalls.


Note that while Coffer & Coffin was located in the area in version 1.x, its data has not been included below. Please see Coffer & Coffin's own page for that.


Horizon NPCs (2.0+) Camp Horizon NPCs (1.x)
Battlewarden Lost Rabbit
Levemete Totonawa
Zuzutyro (mender)
Brass Blade
Delivery Moogle
Independent Armorfitter
Merchant & Mender
Gatewarden Ririgeo
Quartermaster Aistrach
Tokiki (merchant)
Wistsunn (merchant)
Copperbell Entrance (2.0+) Caravan Personnel (1.x)
Drunken Stag
Torrid Whisper
Stone Torch
Quest NPCs (2.0+) Quest NPCs (1.x)
Thancred Waters
Y'shtola Rhul
Resting Merchant
Cid nan Garlond
Curious Gorge
Solkzagyl Keltnagylsyn
Thancred Waters
Urianger Augurelt


Main Quests (2.0+) Job Quests (1.x)
Supply and Demands
Give it to Me Raw
The Perfect Swarm
Last Letter to Lost Hope
Following Footfalls
Secrets and Lies
A Final Temptation
The Mother of Exiles
Pride and Duty (Will Take You from the Mountain)
Curious Gorge Goes to the Bazaar
Side Quests (2.0+) Side Quests (1.x)
By the Toe
For Their Eyes Only
No Tool Gets Left Behind
The Scent of a Mongrel
Simply the Hest (Ul'dah) (guildhest unlock)

Copied Peistes
Dog Eat Dog
Pound for Pound

Battlecraft Leves (2.0+) Battlecraft Leves (1.x)
Beak to Beak
Field of Beans
From Ruins to Riches
Out of Body, Out of Mind
Reeking Havoc
Skin Deep
What Peistes Crave
You Cannot Kill the Metal
The Devilet Inside
Just One of the Dodos
The Lady's Bite
A Leg Up
Looting the Larder
Securing Horizon's Edge
Sweet Vengeance
The Wights' Stuff
Tradecraft Leves (2.0+) Tradecraft Leves (1.x)
Better Four Eyes than None
Dirt Cheap
Gorgeous Gorget
Making Gloves Out of Nothing at All
One for the Road
Point of Honor
Unbreak My Heart
Welcome to the Cotton Club
You Grow, Girl
Coming soon
Fieldcraft Leves (2.0+) Fieldcraft Leves (1.x)
Break it Up
It Peiste to Listen
That's Why They Call It Fool's Gold
We Do This the Hard Way
Coming soon


Logging (2.0+) Harvesting (2.0+) Logging (1.x) Harvesting (1.x)
- Coerthan Carrot (lv15)
Coerthan Carrot Seeds
Grass Viper
Moko Grass
Waterlight Seeds
Water Shard
Elm Log
Cotton Boll
Garlean Garlic
Pearl Ginger
Yellow Ginseng
Mining (2.0+) Quarrying (2.0+) Mining (1.x) Quarrying (1.x)
Iron Ore (lv15)
Water Shard
Cinnabar (lv15)
Copper Sand
Iron Sand
Water Shard
Carbonized Matter
Copper Ore
Soiled Femur
Fire Rock
Lightning Rock
Raw Goshenite
Raw Heliodor
Fishing (2.0+) Fishing (1.x) Spearfishing (1.x)
- Black Ghost
Black Sole
Dark Bass
Hammerhead Shark
Malm Kelp
Ocean Cloud
River Crab
Tiger Cod
Box Turtle
Muddy Water


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Copper Coblyn
Desert Peiste
Dusty Mongrel
Sun Midge Swarm
Aldgoat Billy
Aldgoat Nanny
Amalj'aa Bruiser
Amalj'aa Hunter
Amalj'aa Javelineer
Amalj'aa Stargazer
Drifting Dud
Lead Coblyn
Magicked Bones
Sultan's Trumpet
Thistletail Marmot
FATE Monsters Behest Monsters
Desert Peiste
Dusty Mongrel
Hammer Beak
Chitinous Coblyn
Downcast Hippocerf
Feral Dodo
Fire Bomb
Gorged Djigga
Lightning Elemental
Lowland Nannygoat
Vile Gnat
Wind Elemental
Leve Monsters (2.0+) Leve Monsters (1.x)
Bloody-eyed Buzzard
Fire Bomb
Soulless Chrisom
Amateur Footpad
Amateur Raider
Butcher Basilisk
Carrion Ladybug
Common Cactuar
Deathstrike Assassin
Firestarter Imp
Game Dodo
Nightblade Assassin
Venomtongue Assassin
Wisp Familiar
Quest Monsters (2.0+) Quest Monsters (1.x)
Prism Coblyn
Unknown Ravager
Angry Lead Coblyn
Anole Familiar
Antling Worker
Canyon Condor
Charledore the Steadfast
Corrosive Coblyn
Death-marked Billygoat
Enraged Nannygoat
Moonblind Dodo
Suckling Nannygoat
Wandering Bogy
Wandering Mage
Wandering Soldier
Wandering Wisp
Rank B+ Hunts Notorious Monsters
Sewer Syrup
Zona Seeker
Nest Commander
Event Monsters (2.0+) Event Monsters (1.x)
- Imperial Bestiarius (imperials events)
Imperial Centurion
Imperial Funditor
Imperial Imaginifer
Imperial Myrmillo
Imperial Speculator
Imperial Triarius
Imperial Veles
Imperial War Hound
Scrambling Spriggan (Hatching-tide)

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