Holy Ydoran Empire
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The Holy Ydoran Empire (神聖ユードラ帝国 [shinsei yuudora teikoku] or 'sacred yudora empire' in Japanese) is a country mentioned several times in Final Fantasy Tactics. It isn't known if Ydora is a country in the present as well as the past, but it can be confirmed it is no longer as big as it once was if it does exist in the present.

The exact location of Ydora is not mentioned. However, it is known that 1200 years before FFT, the regions of Mullonde and Lionel1 were under its control. On the other hand, Lesalia likely wasn't2, and Limberry definitely wasn't3. As for if Ydora controlled (or controls) regions outside the Ivalice peninsula, it is impossible to say. Considering that the known areas of Ydora are on the southern border of the peninsula, it could be possible that Ydora controlled areas across the East Bugross Ocean. If not, its area of control is limited to the southern and possible western parts of the peninsula.


It isn't known when Ydora was formed or who did it. As per the name, the country was likely ruled by emperors, empresses or czars or the like.

1200 years before Final Fantasy Tactics the Holy Ydoran Empire is known to have flourished. It is described as a golden age with airships. The dominant religion of Ydora was Pharism, and although it isn't confirmed how much the church was involved with the affairs of state, the inclusion of 'holy' in the empire's name indicates that it was likely heavily involved.

Then came Ajora Glabados, sent to spy on the Empire by a rival state (name of the state is left unmentioned). He gains a lot of popularity and takes disciples for his cause. Curious about his real status - preacher or spy?, Ydora sends Germonique as a spy of their own, and he becomes Ajora's 13th disciple. Germonique soon confirms Ajora's real identity as a spy along with his plan to gather the Zodiac Stones. This leads to the execution of Ajora and at least one of his disciples.

Shortly after the death of Ajora - now called Saint Ajora - the region of Mullonde is faced with a catastrophe. Much of the earth sinks, causing the formation of the Black Coral Sea.

This is as much as is told to us of the history of Ydora. Since it isn't present in FFT modern days, it can be presumed that either its power waned in the Ivalice peninsula enough that new kingdoms were formed in its place, or Ydora collapsed entirely, allowing new kingdoms to form in its place. In either case, the region of Mullonde became the center of the new Church of Glabados religion formed after Saint Ajora's death, and the Lionel region came under the control of the kingdom of Lionel.

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