Hingashi is an island nation in the Far East in Final Fantasy XIV. It's located on the Ruby Tide, off the eastern coast of Ilsabard. To the north is the sea of Blindfrost and the south lies the Glass Ocean.

The main island of Hingashi is the Koshu where the city of Bukyo is found, and to its south-west lies the smaller island of Shishu. On Shishu is the port of Kugane and the village of Shirogane which are open to foreigners, whereas the rest of Hingashi is closed to them.

It is unknown whether Hingashi extends beyond the islands of Koshu and Shishu and the small isles scattered about them. However, it bears noting that Hingashi is surrounded by icons of the four guardian gods on the map. The southern one, the Phoenix, is drawn on top of several bigger southern islands, and the northern god, Genbu, is heading towards a group of northern islands. They are not included on the map, but they may in fact be considered parts of Hingashi as well.


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