Heaven Versions
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy XI + Ivalice

Heaven is another dimension of kinds. It has appeared twice with a slightly different emphasis on both, and they are most likely a different place similarly named.

In Final Fantasy II heaven consists of various parts where the souls of the virtuous end up after their death. The 'highest' area of heaven appears to be the palace of heaven, where the(?) god used to dwell.

In Final Fantasy XI it is known as Paradise, and is taught by the Church of San d'Oria to be where the souls of the virtuous go after their death. At the same time, it is considered a place (possibly in another dimension), and should one find the 'Gates of Paradise' one could pass through to the other side. However, in truth the Paradise as taught by the Church is largely a fabrication, albeit one based loosely on truth. The original Paradise was were gods dwelled before the Paradise was torn asunder and made into the current world, and no mortal being could survive there should it make a return.

In the Ivalice games, Paradise is also mentioned in relation to religions. However, it is only mentioned by name and its function isn't touched upon.

In Final Fantasy XIV, heaven is known as the Seven Heavens, where the worthy spend an eternity in the halls of their chosen god from among the Twelve. As the Seven Heavens are inextricably linked with the myth of the Twelve, there is no confirmation on whether they are a real place, modelled after a real place, or a complete fabrication of the Eorzeans.

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