The Healin Lodge (ヒーリンロッジ [healin lodge] in Japanese) as its full name goes, is a mountain villa in the mountains near Midgar and Kalm in Final Fantasy VII. There is a forest nearby (possibly surrounding and below) the lodge, called the Healin Forest1 (ヒーリンの林 [healin no hayashi] or 'Healin forest' in Japanese). It appears to take half an hour to get from the outskirts of the forest to the lodge on motorcycle, and one hour from the lodge to the outskirts of Midgar where Zack's grave is.

While nothing is known about the Healin area, the lodge itself was built as a vacation resort for Shinra higher-ups.2 There appears to be at least two or three rooms in the first floor of the lodge, with the main entrance being a rather circular room with a view down the mountainside.

The lodge only appears in the movie Advent Children, not any of the FF7 Compilation games. In Advent Children, the remnants of the Shinra Company, including Rufus Shinra, use it as their headquarters while recovering from their losses (physical and mental) from the Meteor crisis.

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