Hawthorne Hut
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Hawthorne Hut (ホウソーン家の山塞 [hawthorne-ke no sansai] or 'mountain stronghold of House Hawthorne' in Japanese) is a small settlement in the east Shroud, in the vicinity of Nine Ivies. Its precise location saw a retcon, as in version 1.x it was in the southern reaches of Nine Ivies, but has since version 2.0+ been located in the middle of it. Camp Nine Ivies was either retconned out, or was relocated to the Hawthorne Hut after the Calamity, there is no certainty of which one. The Josselin's Spire watchtower that rises on a steep hill behind the Hut was built to protect the new post-Calamity aetheryte.


The Hut was built by the legendary hunter and outlaw Hawthorne in a further unspecified past. The current owner is the current head of the family Rolfe Hawthorne, an adventurer of some success who retired to the Hut some time after the Calamity. Currently, he welcomes all manner of adventurers and military folk to the Hut.



Regular NPCs (2.0+) Regular NPCs (1.x)
Vivandier Ayled
Gods' Quiver Blaisette
Serpent Sergeant Cedrepierre
Wood Wailer Florimond
Wood Wailer Monne
Levemete Qina Lyehga
Rolfe Hawthorne
Wood Wailer Victor
Ysabel Hawthorne
Delivery Moogle
Merchant & Mender
Gerolt Blackthorn
Outreguerlain (merchant)
Yujaja (merchant)

FATE NPCs (2.0+)
Mead-porting Midlander


Note that Hawthorne Hut didn't have any leves available in version 1.x, the leves were instead handled at Camp Nine Ivies.

Main Quests (2.0+)
Sylphic Studies
First Impressions
First Contact

Side Quests (2.0+) Side Quests (1.x)
Meat of the Matter
The Replacement Culler
Roof Riders
Leves of Hawthorne
A Relic Reborn

Tradecraft Leves (2.0+)
Back in the Band
Driving Up the Wall
Nothing to Hide
On Their Feet Again
Skin Off Their Backs
What You Need

FATEs (2.0+)
What Have You Done for Mead Lately

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