Halfstone (ハーフストーン [halfstone] in Japanese) is an area on the south-western coast of Vylbrand in western La Noscea. To its north lies Sapsa Spawning Grounds (that used to be known as Bald Knoll, and to its east lies Skull Valley. Other than those, Halfstone is surrounded by the waters of the Indigo Deep. Before the Calamity, it was a small farming settlement eking out a living on all but barren soil, but the Calamity and the subsequent tidal wave caused by Leviathan took its toll. The area is now under sahagin control, who have completely changed the native life of the area, cultivating it to become more suitable for their own needs. The area is now closed off from Skull Valley by the North and South Tidegates to prevent the further spread of sahagin. On its south-easternmost corner is the small sahagin settlement Novv's Nursery.

The area was named for its rocky ground, being literally 'half stone', where almost nothing would grow.1




The settlement of Halfstone was a fairly new one, although its exact age is unknown. Despite their disadvantaged surroundings, the settlers are known to have succeeded in growing some varieties of fruits and yams, as well as Althyk lavender that turned out to be their big money-maker. Turned into perfumes the lavenders had a big market at Radz-at-Han.

Sahagin Landbase

The Sahagin Landbase is a collection of sahagin fortifications built nearby the North and South Tidegates to better enable them to launch assaults on the Maelstrom forces. They also serve as a defense of the Sapsa Spawning Grounds.

The Serpent's Tongue

The Serpent's Tongue (海蛇の巣穴 [umihebi no suana] or 'water serpent's nest' in Japanese) is a simple slightly rocky beach at the end of Halfstone, where Serpent Reavers make for the shore. There is a small fortified building at the Tongue, although it's unknown if it was built by the Reavers or if it's older.


Note that Halfstone, other than the settlement itself, was part of the greater Bald Knoll area in 1.x. Please see Bald Knoll's page for the remaining 1.x info.


Regular NPCs (2.0+) Halfstone Settlement (1.x)
Papawazu (merchant)
Jeantremont (mender)
Quest NPCs (2.0+) Quest NPCs (1.x)
Curious Gorge
Captive Storm Recruit
Sahagin Sentry
Storm Private


Breaching North Tidegate
Gauging South Tidegate
Watch Your Tongue


Fishing: Halfstone
Level: 35, Type: Saltwater
Other: the Japanese name further identifies this area as Halfstone Coast
Blue Coral
Hammerhead Shark
Lavender Remora
The Lone Ripper
Saber Sardine
Sea Pickle
Whitelip Oyster


Regular Monsters
North Tidegate Grieve
Sea Wasp
Shelfclaw Reaver
Shelfclaw Sahagin
Shelfeye Reaver
Shelfscale Reaver
Shelfscale Sahagin
Shelfspine Sahagin
South Tidegate Grieve
Trenchclaw Sahagin
Trenchtooth Sahagin
Water Sprite
Whelk Ballista

FATE Monsters
Aermswys the Stained
Meww the Pusher
Reaver Right Hand
Sahagin Sapper
Sahagin Skirmisher
Voll the Sharkskinned
Voll's Fang

Quest Monsters
Dustyfoot Drysnagl
Sahagin Sentry

Rank B+ Hunts
Dark Helmet

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