Halatali (ハラダリ [haladali] in Japanese) is an area in eastern Thanalan. Before the Calamity, the surroundings of the actual fighting arena Halatali were also known as Halatali, but after the Calamity it came to refer only to the revived arena, while the surroundings came to be part of the larger Drybone area. When Halatali was still the name of the surrounding area, Drybone lay to the north, and to the east lay the Sandgate, to the north-east Burning Wall, and to the south the connecting area to Broken Water.

Before the Calamity changed the flow of aether in the area, there used to be an aetherial gate in the area. Below the broken ground of Halatali lay the Sand Caves, and Mythril Pit T-8 could be found in its northern reaches on the border with Drybone. Halatali was also known for its heavy Amalj'aa presence.

It also bears noting that in version 1.x, Little Ala Mhigo was situated in a cave in south-western Halatali, precisely where the dungeon Halatali is located in version 2.0+. With the release of A Realm Reborn, Little Ala Mhigo was moved to Broken Water, and it isn't clear if the implication is that it is now always supposed to have been there or if Ul'dahn authorities chased off the people of Little Ala Mhigo from their precious gladiator training grounds to recreate their settlement further south.

As mentioned, post-Calamity 'Halatali' has referred to the fighting area only. Its upkeep falls to the Coliseum of Ul'dah, who keep it stocked up with various monsters and worthy opponents to their gladiators. The name it bears comes from the Lalafellin word for 'testing grounds', which the pre-Belah'dian Lalafellin settlers thought fit the arid region well.


Sand Caves

Sand Caves is a dungeon in version 1.x that was never actually added to the game. Only various guards at cave entrances gave away its location, revealing its name in the process. It bears noting that nothing further is known about the area, although considering the proliferation of antling-type mobs around the cave entrances it might have had something to do with antlings - maybe even a precursor to the sandy portions of Cutter's Cry.



Brass Blades
Vhaso Tayuun

Immortal Flames
Flame Commander Ashdale


Main Quests
Lord Errant
Toll of the Warden

Grand Company Quests
A Weaver and a Mummer

Job Quests
Brother from Another Mother

Clasping to Hope
Freedom Isn't Free
Sanguine Studies
There Might Be Blood

Bigger Fish to Fry
Cat Eat Dog
Desert Defilement
Juggling Knives
Minding the Mesas
Necrologos: All Things Must Die
Preventing the Plague
Restless Be the Damned
Secrets of the Sultanate
Stalking the Stalkers


Mining Quarrying
Electrum Ore
Gold Ore
Iron Ore
Fire Rock
Lightning Rock
Raw Amber
Raw Zircon
Logging Harvesting
Decomposed Matter
Rosewood Branch
Rosewood Log
Vampire Plant
Cotton Boll
Dragon Pepper
Fishing Spearfishing
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Black Eel
Black Ghost
Bone Crayfish
Crimson Crayfish
Striped Goby
Velodyna Carp
Black Scorpion
Box Turtle


Regular Monsters (1.x)
Amalj'aa Bowyer
Amalj'aa Divinator
Amalj'aa Drubber
Amalj'aa Drudge
Amalj'aa Grunt
Amalj'aa Lancer
Amalj'aa Striker
Antling Digger
Courting Diremite
Nightblade Assassin
Pteroc Matron
Sun Midge Swarm
Venomtongue Assassin

Quest Monsters (1.x)
Amalj'aa Lancer
Amalj'aa Shaman
Imperial Centurion
Imperial Sagittarius
Imperial Secutor
Imperial Signifer
Ixali Swordfighter
Runagade Imp

Behest Monsters (1.x)
Bile Gnat
Blotched Mongrel
Cadaverous Cockatrice
Fellbite Peiste
Hellsfire Hedgemole
Sure-footed Billygoat

Leve Monsters (1.x)
Acid Bomb
Blotched Mongrel
Brimstone Bomb
Cochineal Cactuar
Darkeye Devilet
Deathstroke Assassin
Fellbite Peiste
Hellsfire Hedgemole
Ill-tempered Pteroc
Lightning Elemental
Plague Djigga
Plump Orobon
Wind Elemental
Zombie Mage
Zombie Pikeman

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