Gysahl (ギサール [gysahl] in Japanese) is a small frontier village on the floating continent in Final Fantasy III. It is located on the outer ring of land on the very eastern edge of the continent, and is nestled in a valley between a small mountain range and the outer ring of the sea. It has no easy access to anything, requiring either a journey by boat (in which case the closest settlements are the human town of Canaan or the gnomish village Tozus) or a long trip by chocobo.

Gysahl is where gysahl greens get their names from, as the people of the village cultivate them and raise chocobos. This was the series first appearance of gysahl greens. The village also has, surprisingly enough, the only shop that sells magic keys that can open any locked door.



Regular NPCs
Unnamed NPCs in Gysahl

Quest NPCs
Legendary Smith


In addition to the below, Gysahl also has a certain man who will give you access to accumulated bestiary and other game stats. He can be found in the hidden room of the local bar/inn. In the NES version, this man instead gave you the address for fan feedback on the game.

Magic Key Shop
Magic Key - 100 gil

Item Shop
Gysahl Greens - 150 gil

Magic Shop
Toad - 1,000 gil (700 gil in NES version)
Mini - 1,000 gil (700 gil in NES version)
Break - 3,000 gil
Shade - 3,000 gil
Libra - 3,000 gil
Confuse - 3,000 gil
Silence - 3,000 gil
Blizzaga - 3,000 gil (NES version only)


Gysahl Village
Gysahl Greens
Magic Key x2

Chocobo Stables
Gysahl Greens x2

Magic Key Shop


Gysahl Surroundings
Red Cap

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