Gyr Abania

Gyr Abania (ギラバニア [gyr abania] in Japanese) is located at the very north-eastern tip of the continent of Aldenard in Eorzea of Final Fantasy XIV. It borders the continents of Ilsabard and Othard to the north-east, and the regions of Xelshatol (west) and Black Shroud (south-west, separated by Velodyna River) on the Eorzean side. To the north-west lies the Bloodbrine Sea, to the east the Sea of Jade and to the south the Rothlyt Sound with its numerous islands, including the Pearl.

The city-state of the area used to be Ala Mhigo. These days, Ala Mhigo is a vassal city to the Garlean Empire of the north-east, Gyr Abania being the first region in Eorzea they conquered. Gyr Abania is firmly under their control.

Category: Area

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