The Gustaberg region (グスタベルグ地方 [gustaberg-chihou] or 'Gustaberg region' in Japanese) lies at the very southernmost tip of the Quon continent. To the north-west lies Zulkheim and north-east Derfland. After the founding of the Republic of Bastok Gustaberg has traditionally been under Bastokan control.
Bastok itself lies on the coast right next to the sea. The main areas are the mountainy plains of East and West Gustaberg and Grauberg. There are several creeks running through North Gustabergh, the greater of which is the Zeikt Creek, creating the famous Drachenfall. In addition there are the hot spring area of Dangruf Wadi, and the mines of Zeruhn and Palborough.

Regional goods include sulfur, popotoes, egg plants and rye flour. Vendors selling Gustaberg produce are Evelyn in Port Bastok J-7, Apairemant in Southern San d'Oria K-8 and Nya Labiccio in Windurst Woods H-10.



The City of Bastok lies in the center of this rocky, desertlike region. While devoid of most forms of plant life, the area is abundant with various types of ore. It is this surplus of ore that has transformed Bastok into a mighty republic.1



The city of Bastok, capital city of the Republic of Bastok, lies right next to the Bastore Sea at the western coast of Gustaberg. The city is not very old and is characterized by the innovativeness of its inhabitants. It is connected to both North and South Gustaberg as well as Zeruhn Mines.

Terrains of Gustaberg

Gustaberg proper is divided into two areas within the Bastok Mountains. North Gustaberg is actually a valley, and is separated into east and west parts by a cliff. The Zeikt Creek runs down this cliff and the result is the splendid Drachenfall. It is also connected to the Grauberg area, Palborough Mines, Dangruf Wadi and Movalpolos.
South Gustaberg is characterized by its rocky terrain, and has the coast to the west and Dangruf Wadi to the east. Numerous mines have been dug beneath its ground. The Morhen Lighthouse stands on the coast.

Mount Dangruf

Mount Dangruf is actually an active volcano. On this mountain lies the Dangruf Wadi, a hot spring area. First known signs of Hume civilization have been found on Mount Dangruf, and in the times of Galka slavery in Bastok it was frequented by Galka coming to relieve their aches.

The Two Mines

The Palborough Mines were originally a Quadav settlement, and serve that function in the present too. However, for the brief duration Humes controlled the mines, they obtained incredible amounts of mythril ore from within.
Out of the two prominent mines in the Gustaberg region, the Zeruhn Mines are more recent. They are connected to Palborough and Bastok city's Mines district. Zeruhn Mines is rich in darksteel ore.


The Grauberg area has been largely inaccessible since the Crystal War. It connects North Gustaberg with Pashhow Marshlands to the north.

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