Gulgan Gulch
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Gulgan Gulch (グルガン族の谷 [gulgan-zoku no tani] or 'valley of the gulgan tribe' in Japanese) is a ravine-slash-valley where the gulgans live in Final Fantasy III. 'Gulch' is a word referring to a narrow ravine with a river in it.
The Gulch is located on the floating continent, on the western edge of the inner ring of land, within a valley between mountains. The closest human settlement is Argus Castle to the east. On another branch of the valley to the north lies a chocobo forest, to the south beyond the mountains is Lake Dohr.

The Gulgan Gulch can be visited in the game for treasure, as soon as the Warriors of Light gain access to the Enterprise ship. It also gives access to the Toad spell, which is required to advance through the Tower of Owen.



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Fire Staff
Ice Staff
Mage Robe
Talk: Toad

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