Greentear (グリーンティア択伐地 [greentear takubatsuchi] or 'greentear chosen logging ground' in Japanese) forms the eastern edge of the central Shroud in Final Fantasy XIV. It is an area where the elementals have permitted the felling of trees at will1, so due to its proximity to the city it is in heavy use. It is separated from Jadeite Thick by the East Vein. To its south is the lake Mirror and somewhere to the south-east or east is the new village of Lavender Beds. The road system that originates in the city of Gridania to the west cuts through Greentear and travels to the north-east to Honey Yard, as well as to the Spirithold in the south of Greentear.

It bears noting that Greentear is a retcon, in version 1.x it was simply another part of the Bentbranch area.


Gabineaux's Bower

Gabineaux's Bower (ガビノー親方の小屋 [gabineaux oyakata no koya] or 'gabineaux overseer's cabin' in Japanese) is a small rest cabin for Botanists' Guild woodcutters who work in the area. It is named after Gabineaux, their overseer, indicating that the cabin is of very recent make.

Lifemend Stump

Lifemend Stump (再生の根株 [saisei no nekabu] or 'stump of rebirth' in Japanese) is a sacred place where Gridanians leave old items to be repaired by the moogles. It is considered bad luck to stay around after leaving your item at the stump to try catch a glimpse of the secretive creatures, although this has given rise to a small phenomenon of thieves visiting the Stump to easily get their hands on various goods.
This location of the Lifemend Stump is a retcon, the original location was to the west of the city of Gridania.

Naked Rock

Naked Rock (裸岩の丘 [hadakaiwa no oka] or 'naked rock hill' in Japanese) is a portion of the forest where all topsoil has fallen away from the side of a cliff. The area is sparse in vegetation, and has become a nest of raptors that occasionally prey on the travelers on the road below.

Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge (虹架けの滝 [nijikake no taki] or 'rainbow-suspended waterfall' in Japanese) is actually a waterfall on the East Vein. It falls down from the cliff that leads up to the Lifemend Stump. There is a permanent rainbow suspended at the top half of the waterfall, which is where it gets its name.


Spirithold (ウォーレン牢獄 [warren rougoku] or 'warren gaol' in Japanese) is a stronghold built in Gelmorran times. Before the Calamity, it was used as a holding cell for criminals awaiting judgment2, although now after the Calamity it has been taken over by imps, making it rather unusable. As a side note, an alternate name for the place in English is Warren's Hold, rather like the Japanese name. 'Warren' references the first gaoler of the place.


Please note that in version 1.x Greentear was part of the greater Bentbranch area. See Bentbranch's page for 1.x info.


Gabineaux's Bower
Hearer Pauline

Spirithold Entrance
Wood Wailer Alestan

Wood Wailer Lance
Wood Wailer Sentry


Main Quests
Butcher of Greentear
A Soldier's Breakfast

Side Quests
Parasite Cleave
Soil Despoilers

Alux of the Draw
Clever Girls
Lady Killer
Leader of the Pack
A Mother Scorned
Spirithold Run


Level: 10
Ash Branch
Ash Log
Crow Feather
Redolent Log
Tinolqa Mistletoe
Wind Shard

Fishing: The Vein
Level: 5, Type: Freshwater
Brass Loach
Eunuch Crayfish
Maiden Carp
Striped Goby


Regular Monsters
Black Eft
Syrphid Swarm
Treant Sapling
Trickster Imp
Water Sprite

FATE Monsters
Alpha Anole
Charging Hog
Little Ladybug
Trickster Imp

Quest Monsters
Alpha Wolf
Clay Golem
Lockbreaker Imp
Lumber Toad
Pack Wolf
Riverbank Yarzon
Syrphid Cloud
Young Anole

Rank B+ Hunts
White Joker

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