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The Grandshelt Kingdom (グランシェルト王国 [grandshelt oukoku] or 'grandshelt kingdom' in Japanese) is a country on the northern hemisphere of Lapis. It consists of the Grandshelt Isles, Lanzelt continent and Kolobos island, each with a plethora of smaller islands around them. The area is known to be one of the most temperate in the world, bringing Grandshelt much wealth and prosperity. Perhaps as an indicator of this, the kingdom has the greatest concentration of espers in the entire known world.

The capital of Grandshelt, also known as Grandshelt, is located on the biggest island of the Grandshelt Isles. The second biggest city appears to be Grandport on the western shore of Lanzelt, and there are various other ports and smaller inland towns and villages scattered throughout the kingdom. The Knights of Grandshelt patrol the entire kingdom to ward off monsters and other threats, although if Grandshelt has been involved in an actual war with another country, it happened in the past and the game doesn't mention it.


Travel throughout the kingdom for most regular folk happens on chocobo-back or chocobo-drawn coaches, on foot, and on various-sized ships and ferries. The wealthy also have the option of airship travel. The biggest hub for airships in Grandshelt is within the capital, although another port is in Grandport as well. It appears that neither city produces airships, though, as they are presented as being of Dilmagia make.

As for frequency of travel, while the high-ranking Knights of Grandshelt flit about rather freely on airships to fulfill their duties, the common folk don't travel often due to the dangers and difficulties involved. It is known that some do move from one city or town to another though, after marriage or work most commonly.

History mostly lies forgotten, although common folk do seem to be aware of its existence far enough to know to avoid old ruins. Knights (and presumably other people in higher positions in society) are given schooling which involves history lessons among other things. However, it is still rare to find people who are actually aware of historic details beyond their lifetimes. There are researchers stationed in Felicitas to study the nearby ancient ruins, although they appear to have been sent there by Zoldard and it is unknown whether the upper echelons of Grandsheltian society even know they're there, beyond the main characters.



This is a brief overview of the most important locations in Grandshelt Kingdom. Please see the below main pages for more complete location listings.

Grandshelt Isles
Earth Shrine
Port Lohdin
Royal Capital Grandshelt

Lanzelt Mountains
Lanzelt Ruins
Zadehl Desert

Kolobos Island
Golzas Mountains
Port Kolobos
Shrine of Decay

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