Gongaga (ゴンガガ [gongaga] in Japanese) is a small frontier town in Final Fantasy VII. It's located at the very south of the western continent, almost directly south of the Gold Saucer and south-east of Cosmo Canyon.
Not much happens in Gongaga. Once, the Shinra Company built a mako reactor in the area, but it blew up, supposedly sabotaged by AVALANCHE. Since then, the village has languished, most the people who lived in the area having died in the explosion.

Most notably, Gongaga is the birth place of Zack Fair, whose parents still live in the area. An unnamed turk, known by the moniker Katana, is also from Gongaga.


Gongaga/Destroyed Reactor

The destroyed reactor, as it is known in the present day, is the remnants of the Gongaga reactor built by Shinra.




Zack's Parents


Final Fantasy VII

80 gil

Item Shop
Potion - 50 gil
Hi-Potion - 300 gil
Tent - 500 gil
Phoenix Down - 300 gil
Maiden's Kiss - 150 gil
Cornucopia - 150 gil
Hyper - 100 gil
Tranquilizer - 100 gil

Weapon Shop
Hardedge - 1,500 gil
Grand Glove - 1,200 gil
Atomic Scissors - 1,400 gil
Striking Staff - 1,300 gil
Diamond Pin - 1,300 gil
Boomerang - 1,400 gil
Impaler - 500 gil
Shrivel - 500 gil
Molotov - 400 gil

Accessory Shop
Headband - 3,000 gil
Silver Glasses - 3,000 gil
Star Pendant - 4,000 gil
Talisman - 4,000 gil
White Cape - 5,000 gil
Fury Ring - 5,000 gil
Mystify - 6,000 gil
Time - 6,000 gil
Heal - 1,500 gil
Transform - 5,000 gil

Crisis Core

Note that this shop is not available in Gongaga itself, but as a shop item through mission 2-3-1.

Gongaga Trading
Carbon Bangle - 8,000 gil
Rune Armlet - 8,000 gil
Sea Chocobo Armlet - 8,000 gil
Hyper Wrist - 8,000 gil
Shinra Beta - 8,000 gil
Hypno Crown - 8,000 gil
Tarot Cards - 8,000 gil
Drainga (M) - 18,000 gil


Crisis Core

Waterfall Chests
Fight 7 or more battles up the hill to activate this minigame. After, when you come upon the waterfall you'll notice a treasure chest floating down. Choose the option 'I bet there'll be more' to start.
In the minigame, your goal is the catch the chests and avoid the monsters. Chests will net you more treasure, monsters will stun you, making you miss chests. The monster/chest pattern is always the same, and repeats until the minigame ends.
The pattern is 1. Chest (middle), 2. Monsters (left & right), 3. Chest (far left), 4. Chest (far right).
In the prize chart below, each reward is cumulative. For example, with 8 chests you'll get an elixir, X-potion and a hi-potion.

Chests Reward
0 -
1-4 Hi-Potion
5-7 X-Potion
8-9 Elixir
10 Goblin Punch
11 3,300 gil


Final Fantasy VII

Before Gongaga/Around Reactor

White Megaphone

Crisis Core

Gongaga Reactor
6,000 gil
Hypno Crown
Zeio Nut

Research Dept QMC+


Final Fantasy VII

Around Gongaga
Grand Horn
Mystery Ninja
Touch Me

Gongaga Surroundings
Flower Prong
Kimara Bug
Touch Me
Boss: Reno & Rude

Destroyed Reactor
Heavy Tank

Crisis Core

Gongaga Reactor
Coming soon
BOSS: Hollander

Around Gongaga
Coming soon
Boss: G Slayer & G Predator

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