Gods' Grip


The Gods' Grip (ゴッズグリップ [gods' grip] in Japanese) is a peninsula located in the southern tip of Vylbrand, in lower La Noscea. The western half of the peninsula is part of the Bearded Rock area (in version 1.x only, in 2.0+ it is identified as simply 'Gods' Grip'), and the eastern half is part of the Widow Cliffs. At the north tip of the bay within the peninsula is the Moraby Bay.

The peninsula gains its name from the two peninsulas forming a kind of a grip-like shape. On the western half of the grip is the lighthouse Oschon's Torch and its associated dock Candlekeep Quay, and on the eastern half the lighthouse Llymlaen's Ring. During the Calamity, the floodwaters tore off the western half of the grip, making it into an island and necessitating building the bridge Oschon's Embrace to allow the people of the area to reach the mainland. The Salt Strand was formed in the same event.

There were no towns or settlements in the area in version 1.x, although it was mentioned the village of Brookhaven used to be in the area before it was raided to the ground by Serpent Reavers. Come version 2.0 the Moraby Drydocks is found on the western half of the grip (lore states that it was there the whole time), producing ships for Limsa Lominsa. The eastern half of the grip was eventually dedicated for housing for non-Lominsans, and the surroundings of Llymlaen's Ring became the village of Mist.


Empty Heart

The Empty Heart (エンプティハート [empty heart] in Japanese) is a spring of fresh water in the middle of the now-island Gods' Grip. Located right next to Moraby Drydocks, it is known to attract all manner of wildlife.

Oschon's Embrace

Oschon's Embrace (オシュオン大橋 [oschon oohashi] in Japanese) is the great bridge built by Naldiq & Vymelli's to enable overland travel from the Gods' Grip to Limsa Lominsa and beyond, after the Calamity rent the tip of the peninsula away from the mainland.

Oschon's Torch

Oschon's Torch (オシュオン灯台 [oschon toudai] or 'oschon lighthouse' in Japanese) is the lighthouse on the western half of the Gods' Grip. It is supplied through the Candlekeep Quay. Before the Calamity, the candlekeeps were supplied by the Fishermen's Guild, although it is unknown if this practice still continues.

The Salt Strand

The Salt Strand (ソルトストランド [salt strand] in Japanese) is a formation of crystallized seawater and aether, formed in an impact when a shard of the Dalamud fell into the Rhotano Sea during the Calamity. It is known that Limsa Lominsa has sent several exploratory voyages within, but none of them have as of yet returned.


Note that this section only lists information for version 2.0+. In version 1.x, the area now known as Gods' Grip was part of Bearded Rock. Please see the page for Bearded Rock for this area's 1.x information.


Oschon's Embrace NPCs

Oschon's Torch NPCs

Quest NPCs
Fray Myste
Thubyrgeim Guldweitzwyn
Wawalago Momolago
Disreputable Pirate
Irate Coachman
Novice Explorer
Overbearing Trader
Panicked Yellowjacket
Qiqirn Trader

Cowering Coachman

Event NPCs
Mayaru Moyaru


Side Quests
A Bridge Too Full
Say It With Flowers

Event Quests
The Cannon-do Spirit

Battlecraft Levequests
Another Egg Gone
The Deathliest Catch
The Light Stripes
Man the Ore
Strand by Me

GC Levequests
The Creeps from Work
Don't Touch Our Stuff
Double Dose of Impin'
Of Mice and Demons
Throw the Book at Him
Victory is Mine, Not Yours
Wrong and Rite
You're a Liar, Mansel Black


Earth Crystal
Earth Shard
Grade 2 La Noscean Topsoil
Grade 3 Carbonized Matter

Fishing: Oschon's Torch
Level: 10, Type: Saltwater
Moraby Flounder
Pebble Crab
Rothlyt Oyster
Sea Cucumber
Silver Sovereign
Tiger Cod
Vongola Clam

Fishing: Empty Heart
Level: 15, Type: Freshwater
Acorn Snail
Crimson Crayfish
Dusk Goby
Eunuch Crayfish
Faerie Bass
Faerie Queen
Grip Killifish
Moat Carp

Fishing: The Salt Strand
Level: 20, Type: Saltwater
Black Sole
Helmet Crab
Meteor Survivor
Pebble Crab
Razor Clam
Sea Bo
Sea Cucumber
Tiny Tortoise


Regular Monsters
Lightning Sprite
Qiqirn Eggdigger
Wild Jackal

FATE Monsters
Drowned Butcher
Enormous Egg
Mandragora Prince
Wild Dodo
Wild Jackal

Leve Monsters
Big Claw
Darkwing Devilet
Decoy Crab
Moldy Pudding
Serpent Reaver Deckhound
Suspicious Megalocrab
Sweet-tooth Goobbue
Void Flame
Void Jumper
Wormwix Scribbletalk

Quest Monsters
Able-bodied Ambusher
Mamool Ja Mercenary
Menacing Mercenary
Mindful Merceneary
Moraby Hedgemole
Nameless Attacker
Qiqirn Beachcomber
Someone Familiar
Sweet Trap
Thavnairian Mite
Thavnairian Miteling

Rank B+ Hunts

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