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Galbadia (ガルバディア [galbadia] in Japanese) is a continent and country in Final Fantasy VIII. The second-biggest continent in the world, it is also known as the western continent, and houses Dollet and Winhill in addition to Galbadia. In ancient times, it was called the Dollet continent.

It is unknown at which time the country of Galbadia formed and took over most of the continent. However, we do know that during the Sorceress War it was Galbadia that defended the rest of the world from Esthar.

When President Vinzer Deling came into power, Galbadia basically became a military dictatorship. It took over Timber and attempted to take over other countries. Most of these attempts were deterred by SeeD.
It is unknown whether President Deling had this idea himself or whether Sorceress Ultimecia who controlled Sorceress Edea planted the idea in his head instead of merely taking advantage of the situation. However it is, the end result was that Sorceress Edea was named ambassador of Galbadia. During the festival in honor of the Sorceress in Deling City, President Deling was killed.
Galbadia was subsequently ruled by Galbadia Garden, first by Martine and then by Seifer Almasy under the directions of Sorceress Ultimecia. It is unknown what happened to it after the Time Compression.



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