Galadion Bay

Galadion Bay (ガラディオン湾 [galadion wan] or 'galadion bay' in Japanese) is a bay off the south-western coast of the island of Vylbrand. The city of Limsa Lominsa is built there on top of the small islands that litter the bay. The coastline around Galadion Bay has the areas of (in order of north to south) Three-malm Bend, Summerford/Bearded Rock, Zephyr Drift, Moraby Bay and the Gods' Grip. It gives out to the Rhotano Sea to the west.

Galadion Bay received its current name from the ship Galadion that is said to have brought the founders of Limsa Lominsa to Vylbrand. The ship is said to have finally run aground in the bay, and that is where the fresh settlers decided to build their new homes. It bears noting that its present-day name was given to it when Limsa Lominsa was founded. It has likely born many names over the eras, most recently the Bay of Nym in the Fifth Astral Era when Nym was the dominant city-state in Vylbrand.



Fishing: Zephyr Drift
Level: 1, Type: Saltwater
Other: the Japanese name further identifies this as the Zephyr Drift Coast
Blue Octopus
Coral Butterfly
Finger Shrimp
Harbor Herring
Lominsan Anchovy
Merlthor Goby
Ocean Cloud
Sea Cucumber

Fishing: Summerford
Level: 5, Type: Saltwater
Other: the Japanese name of this location further specifies it as the Summerford Coast
Blue Octopus
Finger Shrimp
Harbor Herring
Merlthor Goby
Ocean Cloud
Ogre Barracuda
Silver Shark
Vongola Clam
White Coral

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