Four Sisters
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Four Sisters (姉妹丘 [shimai oka] or 'sisters hill' in Japanese) is an area of Thanalan bordering the Spineless Basin (called Cactus Basin before the Calamity) area. It consists of high cliffs that have curiously gained a lot of vegetation in the years following the Calamity. One of these cliffs is known as Fesca's Watch, although after the Calamity it now appears to be considered part of the Spineless Basin, and is surrounded by waters of the Soot Creek.

Aside from its connection to Spineless Basin, Four Sisters is mostly cut off from the rest of the region. Beyond the Basin to the north and west lies the Black Brush area, but most of the cliffs remain inaccessible post-Calamity, heightening the area's seclusion. The post-Calamity map also shows some type of a water area to the north-east, although what it might be called is unknown.



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