Footfalls (足跡の谷 [ashiato no tani] or 'valley of footprints' in Japanese) is a valley at approximately sea level in western Thanalan, at the coast of the Rhotano Sea. Before the Calamity struck, most of Footfalls was below below Horizon's Edge, which stood on giant pillars of rock above Footfalls. There were gaps in the rock cover, however, and this gave the place its name as locals believed these gaps were made by giants walking through the area on their way to Vylbrand1.

In the Calamity, many of the rock pillars holding up Horizon's Edge collapsed, exposing more of the area, as well as ruins long hidden within it. As before, however, in the west Footfalls gives way directly to Vesper Bay, the main Ul'dahn commercial sea port in the present day. To the south-west is the village of Crescent Cove. The Royal Allagan Sunway cuts through the Footfalls on its way eastward to Horizon's Edge and beyond. To the north-west is Cape Westwind.



Moondrip (ムーンドリップ洞窟 [moondrip doukutsu] or 'moondrip cave' in Japanese) is a cavern in north-eastern Footfalls, right off the valley of Parata's Peace. The waters within glow due to the presence of tiny phosphorescent fauna2, and the soft glow is how the cave got its name. Unsatisfied with the mundane explanation of scholarlies however, there are those who sell the waters of the cave for its purported curative properties.

Parata's Peace

Parata's Peace (パラタの墓所 [parata no bosho] or 'grave site of parata' in Japanese) is a valley in northern Footfalls. It is named after a legendary monster called Parata, who is said to have been slain here after generations of assault on the local fishing villages and the occasional demand for virgin sacrifices.

The earth aspect aether of the area is much weakened (it is unknown if this is a recent thing brought on by the Calamity or not), which causes poisonous gases to gather in the still air of the valley. Locals attribute this to the dying curse of Parata.

The Silent King

The Silent King (物言わぬ王 [mono iwanu ou] or 'king who says nothing' in Japanese) is a series of ruins unearthed in the Calamity's shifting of earth, thought to be of Belah'dian origin. Several statues still litter the basin, although much of the stone has been hauled away by locals to rebuild their homes after the Calamity.



Regular NPCs
Brass Blade Nunuzofu
Brass Blade Totoruna
Valiant Heart

Quest/FATE NPCs (2.0+) Quest NPCs (1.x)
Flame Lieutenant Adalbert
Brass Blade Baldewyn
269th Order Mendicant Da Za
Dozol Meloc
X'rhun Tia
Allied Communications Officer
Disconcerted Coachman
Maimed Marauder
Mauled Merchant
Dozol Meloc
Overweening Thaumaturge


Note that there were no quests that started in the Footfalls in version 1.x.

Main Quests
Storms on the Horizon
A Hero in Need

Job Quests
Tracking the Cabal

Side Quests
Angling Ankle-biters
The Greatest Story Never Told

Bigger Fish to Fry
Bubble Trouble
He's Got Legs
Juggernaut Down
Staying Dead
There Might be Giants
Tripped Up by the Fruit of Another


Note that there were no gathering points in the Footfalls in version 1.x.

Fishing Log: The Footfalls
Level: 10, Type: Freshwater
Acorn Snail
Eunuch Crayfish
Faerie Bass
Mud Golem

Fishing Log: Moondrip
Level: 45, Type: Freshwater
Assassin Betta
Grip Killifish
Timeworn Goatskin Map

Fishing Log: Parata's Peace
Level: 50 (Gullseye III), Type: Freshwater
Grip Killifish
Ignus Snail
Ilsabardian Bass
Vampire Lampern
Timeworn Peisteskin Map


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Arbor Buzzard
Bloated Bogy
Fire Bomb
Laughing Toad
Lead Coblyn
Moondrip Blastmaster
Moondrip Piledriver
Moondrip Stonehauler
Sun Midge Cloud
Yarzon Scavenger
Floating Eye
Gas Bomb
Qiqirn Scrambler
Sphene Doblyn
Quest Monsters (1.x) Quest Monsters (1.x)
Anomalous Assassin
Ascian Conjurer
Ascian Thaumaturge
Brutish Imp
Gnarled Gargoyle
Gruesome Gargoyle
Mormo's Missionary
Void Warrior
Curious Pteroc
Overweening Thaumaturge

FATE Monsters
4th Cohort Imaginifer
4th Cohort Triarius
4th Cohort War Hound
Bloated Bogy
Bubbly Bernie
Crier Briareos
Daddy Longlegs
Dune Bogy
Lead Coblyn
Smallmouth Orobon
Yarzon Scavenger

Leve/Guildhest Monsters (2.0+)
Arbor Buzzard
Blood-eyed Buzzard
Dirty Mongrel
Guillotine Beak
Horny Toad
Plump Orobon
Pyrite Coblyn
Softskin Peiste

Rank B+ Hunts
Sewer Syrup
Zona Seeker

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