Fellwood (フェルウッド [fellwood] in Japanese) is a location in Coerthas central lowlands. To the north lies Ever Lakes, and to the north-east Shepherd Peak. Down through a winding canyon in the south lies Mor Dhona. In the eastern parts of Fellwood lies Timberlord's Lodge, where a lot of timber is processed, and from there presumably sent to Isghard far to the north.

Fellwood is only present in version 1.x., but it could be presumed that at least part of the timber required for Revenant's Toll construction came from Fellwood, presuming it survived the Calamity.


Timberlord's Lodge

Timberlord's Lodge, rather than being one single lodge, is a collection of shelters and lean-tos and lodges, for sheltering the wood that is being processed in the area, and presumably also to shelter the craftsmen who work with the wood. Note that despite half-finished timber lying around aplenty, not a single NPC could be found in the area.



Regular Monsters
Antelope Stag
Inferno Drake
Redwing Ked

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