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Esthar (エスタ [esta] in Japanese) is a continent, country and a city in Final Fantasy VIII. The continent connects Trabia to the north. It is the biggest continent in the world, and as such spans many different climates, although it is generally mild.
Notable features in Esthar include the Great Salt Lake close to the capital city, and the mountains to the north at the border of Trabia that once housed the Lunatic Pandora. Another place of note is Tear's Point to the south.


Esthar was originally founded by people from Centra who immigrated from the Centra continent around 100 years ago. It's as old as the Holy Dollet Empire, but unlike Dollet which was reduced to a Dukedom containing a single city, Esthar is still as powerful as it was before - maybe even more powerful.
The strength of Esthar has for a long time already been its science. It is the most advanced country in the world, and the only one capable of space travel.


Sorceress Adel, who ruled Esthar at the time, started the Sorceress War that disrupted world peace a couple dozen years ago.

Present Day

Currently Esthar is ruled by President Laguna Loire and his aides. They originally came from Galbadia, but became involved in the resistance against Sorceress Adel and overthrew her, ending the Sorceress War by sending her to space. The end of the Sorceress War and the election of President Laguna also marked the closing down of Esthar's borders and the start of radio interference on the rest of the world. In a true Laguna fashion, the President forgot - or purposefully neglected - to tell the rest of the world what happened, and for 17 years they were kept in the dark about it, left with only the end of the war to speculate with.


Esthar City

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