Esper World

The Esper World (幻獣界 [genjuukai] or 'esper/eidolon/summon world' in Japanese) is a separate dimension or reality pocket where Espers/Eidolons/etc retire to live separate from the world of humans. There are several appearances of it under several different translations in the Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy IV

The Feymarch (幻獣の町 [genjuu no machi] or 'town of eidolons/espers/summons' in Japanese) is an early example of the Esper World. The Feymarch, also known as the Land of the Summons and by other names throughout the varying translations of the game, is either a separate small dimension or a closed-off section of the human world. It is where the Eidolons live, and time flows faster within it than it does in the human world. It is governed by king Leviathan and queen Asura.

The Feymarch can only be accessed from a special point within the Passage of the Eidolons, which in itself lies in the lava-filled underworld of the FF4 world.

Final Fantasy VI

The Esper World in FF6 is closed off from the human world by a great barrier that is upheld and renewed by the Espers that live within. The only access point to and from the human world is the Cave to the Sealed Gate.

Espers retired to this world - or 'world', it is unknown if this is in actuality a separate dimension or just a walled-off area of the human world - after the War of the Magi when it became evident the humans were abusing the powers of magic that the Espers have within. The only solution they could find was retreating away from the world of humans.

The Sealed Gate has since been opened several times. The first time was when the human Madeline stumbled through into the Esper World, and the second time was when the Gestahlian Empire attempted to invade the Esper World, which led to Madeline and her baby Terra being left outside at the mercy of the Empire. The third time was when Terra was a woman grown, and came to plead the aid of the Espers in the war against the Empire. At this time, the Gate was blown wide open and many Espers left the Esper World. It is unknown what happened to the Esper World after this, beyond that the Gate was permanently destroyed in the aftermath.

Final Fantasy Legends II

The Esper World (no official translation available) is a separate dimension from the human world. Time flows at a different pace there, and it is impossible to say how it compares to the human world. It is where all the Espers are born and live, other than for their excursions into the human world. Some known locations within the Esper World include the palace where king Odin and queen Shiva live, and a temple dedicated to the Esper god Bahamut. Moogles also live in the Esper world, although aren't technically Espers themselves.

It bears noting that there also exists a separate place called Eureka, which is where Eidolons live. Eidolons are to Espers as Espers are to humans - basically gods.

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