Esnoah in Tactics S

There is some confusion as to what world Tactics S actually takes place in. It looks like an Ivalice world complete with all its races as well as cultural constructs such as Clans and Judges, but there are several oddities. For one, no mention of any Ivalice-specific location or piece of history is mentioned. For another, all character units from Ivalice games are described as having 'come from another world', with the exact same wording used for character units come from Spira or Hydaelyn for example. Due to these oddities, the world here is titled Esnoah (エスノア [esunoa] in Japanese) even as it looks exactly like Ivalice.

Note that for now, the regions below are listed in order of left to right and up to down, with the various sub-areas listed below (in order of radiating away from the city of the area, counter-clockwise). Cloud-covered portions from the world map are marked as well.




Duchy of Yug Nard
Yug City
Blue Highroad
Chocobo Hill
Zed Iron Mines
Bandit Hideout
Baknamy Fortress
Southern Fortress of Humes
Bran Rock
Riverside Grove
Ancient Battleground
Swampland Ruins
Eastern Fortress of Humes
Abandoned Woodland Town
Hadova Forest West
Steelfoot Mountains
Faery Forest

Rhode Rum Region
Rhode City
White Highroad West
Hadova Gate
Rhode Western Border
Great Forest of Madol
Snowstorm Valley
White Highroad East
Sadel Forest
Forest of the Dead
Cape of Sendings
Fulna Lakeshore
Rhode Eastern Border
Boll Gardens
Hadova Forest East
Cabin of Watching

Sacred Ground Luma
Luma Canann
Demon Gate of the Sacred Land
Elde Road
Floors of Duzam
Path of Prayers
Ruins of Deo
Path of Thirst
Goulde Mountains
Luma Canan Western Border
Fields of Tranquility
Path of Shadows
Zumud Rockwall
Luma Canann Southern Border
Eastern Gyus Wildlands
The Incandescent Graves

Middle North

Mechanic City Mogpeno
Mechanic City Mogpeno
Magick Tower of Gumog
Telleone Highroad
Deora Mines
Road of the High Saint Dres
Mountain of the Sacred Beast
Mogpeno Southern Border
Mag Vale
Mushroom Woodsea
Garcus Plains
Magick Tower of Thamog
The Great Mog Plains
Mogpeno Eastern Border
Foll Playfields
West Thauzeno Forest

Cend Region
City of Cend
Ruins of Dehl
Green Highroad
Cend Western Border
Dreamhare Hunting Grounds
Old Road of the Hero
Yellow Highroad
Cend Southern Border
Daravino Wastelands
West Adenn Fields
Cend Eastern Border
Thief Hill
Aquamarine Highroad
Mejer Coast
Cend Northern Border
Thauzeno Forest
Matu Caverns

Sea of Adenn
New Capital Nol-Adenn
Adenn Western Border
Bium Fort
Broken Bridge
Collapsed Mountain Path
Salt Wastelands
Rotten Bogs of Minev
Twisted Forest
Desert of Screams
Demon Lord Bridge

Bahno Region
Village of Bahno
Luth Plains
Abandoned Town Degun
Sahm Lakeshore
Gilbes Mines
Big Bridge of Vilim
Makt Orda
Sundered Rocks of Nigna
Windwave Plains
Bahno Southern Border
Garrison Grounds
Village of Horned Beasts
Ath Orda
Fuhmo Hill
Bahno Northern Border

Middle South

Fordo Region
Mining Town Fordo
Suzef Forest
Crimson Highroad
Gunard Iron Mines
Rocktoise Road
Fordo Southern Border
Mining Road
Giumer Grove
Abandoned Zoca
Bota Wetgrove
Hot Rock Sands
Fordo Northern Border
Simos Mines
North Mirialde Lake
South Mirialde Lake

Nation of Magick Nensa-Ramoi
Magic City Nensa
Caravan Route
Cactu Village
The Gorpo Wind Holes
Forest of Sand Pillars
Desert of Lightning
Nensa Southern Border
City of Illusions
Ruins of Old Nensa
Ramoi Wadi
Road of the Gatherer
Nensa Eastern Border
West Reaches of Orda
Plains of Rubble
Nensa Northern Border
Ordo Steppe

Western Orda Woodsea
Keel Orda
Hidden Road of the Woodsea
Edge of the Forest
Orda Western Border
The Spirit Pond
Ruins of the Guardian
Sison Orda
Riht Backroad
Gafranza Mountain Road
Road of Hot Sands
Orda Eastern Border
Animal Hunting Grounds
Forest of Giant Trees
Deep Woodsea
Devils' District

Spirit Country Iisa
Sacred City Iisa Rhia
Rhiates Road
Fang Hunting Grounds
Banks of River Dana
Semi-sacred Land Deo Dana
Iisa Rhia Northern Border
Rhije Orda
Cursed Forest
Mamoi Cavern
Ruins of the Third Sacred Land
Iisa Rhia Western Border
Defiled Land Gedes
Rocks of the Woodsea
Daekla Fort
Gartona Bridge
Cihda Woodsea


Federation of Nazan
Nazan Fortress
Remains of the Fortress Gates
Kenrin Highroad
Remains of the Old Fortress
Path of Fangs and Knives
Lawless Lands
Gahhel Mines
Guild of Rogues
Black Tail Ward
Deuog Prairie
Mt Fuhdel
Dustcloud Fields
Nazan Eastern Fortress
Cannon Testing Grounds
Land of Burnt Scales

Northern Great Desert of Niel
Wafde Town
Terge Oasis
Way of Burning Scales
Gief Ruins
Niel Desert Western Border
Desert of Bones
Karakka Windholes
Niel Sandsea
Mirage Dunes
Moving Dunes
Three-way Rocks
Magna Rocks
Cloudrending Mountain
Royal Valley
Niel Desert Northern Border




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