Eorzea (エオルゼア [eorzea] in Japanese) is a cultural region in Hydaelyn of Final Fantasy XIV. To be more specific, it is the area the first iteration of the game concentrated on, consisting of the Aldenard continent and the isle of Vylbrand, roughly speaking.
There is some doubt as to what exactly in the specified area is part of Eorzea. Ronan Kognan of Gridania, in specific, talks about Archons living in Sharlayan, and that they may have 'left [Sharlayan for] Eorzea'1

As a cultural region, Eorzea is comparable to such areas of the real world as North America, Middle East or Far East for example. It is important to note that such a region is not determined by the landmass it exists upon, but by the people that live on it. Thus, when speaking of Sharlayan as a separate entity it is entirely possible that Sharlayan may have a culture distinct from those of the rest of Aldenard.

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