Emerald Moss


Emerald Moss (エメラルドモス [emerald moss] in Japanese) was an area within the Black Shroud in Final Fantasy XIV. It was located not too far north-west of the city of Gridania and was a waypoint on the journey to Coerthas to the north-west. The Furline ran through the south-western portions of the area, bringing trade, and the local aetheryte Camp was right off the road. In the north-eastern portion of the area you could also find the hamlet of Hyrstmill and the area of Treespeak as well as an Ixali clearing, and the western portions of it were characterized by the Fallgourd Lake.
Emerald Moss was edged by Alder Springs to the north-west and Lasthold to the north. Below the area used to be the Mun-Tuy Cellars.

Not much can be said of the important events in Emerald Moss. During the events leading up to the Seventh Umbral Era, the Seedseer Raya-O-Senna based her operations from a cave in Emerald Moss, from which she communicated with the elementals and investigated the reasons for their anger within and without the Twelveswood. Some time later, the influence of Atomos spread to the area's aetheryte and started summoning forth monsters from the void. And of course, during the Calamity itself, Emerald Moss was burnt to the ground, and all that remains of it in the present day is the ashen remains of still-standing trees. Where Emerald Moss used to be is skipped over in screen transition from Standing Corses to Alder Springs, and there is some chance that it is considered part of Standing Corses itself in the present day.



Camp Emerald Moss
Gatewarden R'dyunbu
Quartermaster Bubunakka
Emerald Moss Battlewarden
Emanuel (merchant)
Maenne (merchant)

Other NPCs
Kupcha Kupa
Wood Wailer Miraudont
Pukni Pakk

Event NPCs
Militia Outrider


Job Quests
When Sheep Attack
Lost in Rage
The Wheel of Disaster
In Search of Succor
The Chorus of Cataclysm

Battlecraft Leves
The Black Rabbit's Ore
Foresting Emerald Moss
Help the Children
Lack of Humours
Sapped Saplings
Tricks of the Traders
Yarzons vs the Pilgrims

Fieldcraft Leves
Fighting for Fish
Fishing Emerald Moss
Logging Emerald Moss
Mining Emerald Moss
Ore for the Eye
Walnut Waterwheels

Tradecraft Leves
Back in the Harness
Clearing Emerald Moss
Driving Up the Wall
Growing Strains
In Sod We Rust
Knuckling Down
Seafood Smorgasbord
Training in Emerald Moss

Gathering Points

Mining Quarrying
Raw Malachite
Raw Sunstone
Zinc Ore
White Dye
Logging Harvesting
Faerie Apple
Gridanian Walnut
Maple Branch
Maple Log
Maple Sap
Green Dye
Alpine Parsnip
Cieldalaes Spinach
Moko Grass
Fishing Spearfishing
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Black Eel
Box Turtle
Dart Frog
River Crab
Yugr'am Salmon
Purple Dye
Allagan Snail
Box Turtle


Regular Monsters
Bristletail Marmot
Carrion Chigoe
Cave Bat
Emerald Bee Swarm
Inland Angler
Ixali Fencer
Lone Wolf
Shroud Shrew
Snapping Shrew
Thistletail Marmot
Yarzon Feeder
Young Galago

Additional Leve Monsters
Carrion Chiglet
Curious Galago
Firestarter Imp
Forest Roseling
Fumbling Funguar
Naked Mole
Sand Yarzon

Quest Monsters
Furline Mosstrooper
Yarzon Invader
Yarzon Stalker

Event Monsters
Deepvoid Scamp
Deepvoid Soul
Deepvoid Warrior

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