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Ehcatl (エカトル実験場 [ehcatl jikkenjou] or 'ehcatl testing site' in Japanese) is a new Ixal settlement in the north Shroud, in a valley between Peacegarden to the north-east and Proud Creek to the south-west. The Ixal of Ehcatl Nine settled here a little after the start of the Seventh Astral Era when they arrived in the Twelveswood after they were driven out of Xelphatol for their desire to build airships.

The Ixal that live in the settlement are a fairly friendly bunch, only fighting when attacked, and are perfectly capable of upholding amicable relations with the five races as it provides them further means to gain materials and expertise for their airship. Nevertheless, they prefer to keep their location secret to all, lest any misunderstandings rise.




Regular NPCs
Duzal Meyean
Jezul Ahuatan
Methuli Cattlan
Razel Huizan
Rozol Cattlan
Sezul Totoloc
Tazel Meyean
Yazel Ahuatan
Ehcatl Nine Foreman
Ehcatl Nine Manciple
Ixali Tinker
Ixali Vendor

Quest NPCs


Ixal Quests
Reaching for Cloud Nine
A Designer Job
The Boy from Gridania
Lathe to the Party
Standing at the Helm
Never Be Royal
Spread Your Wings and Soar

Side Quests
Ash Not What Your Brotherhood Can Do for You

Ixal Daily Quests (Neutral)
Blow, Ye Winds
Keeping Up Appearances
Misdirected Woo
Trust, but Verify

Ixal Daily Quests (Recognized)
Of Rodents and Rigging
One Ixal's Buzzard
The Right Tool for Tools
What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Golems

Ixal Daily Quests (Friendly)
And Thanks for All the Fish
An Empty Sack Cannot Hang Downright
Hot Cross Buns
A Long Way to the Top
Simply the Biast

Ixal Daily Quests (Trusted)
Getting into Gear
Hells-vent on the Heavens
Larboard and Lodging
Left-wing Aeronautics
Reach for the Starboard
Right-wing Aeronautics

Ixal Daily Quests (Respected)
Crazy Like the Pox
A Hard Knock Life
Leave Nothing to Waste
Manual Labor
Never Steer You Wrong
Tanks for Nothing

Ixal Daily Quests (Honored)
Bring Your Own Ectoplasm
A High Wind in Ishgard
In Case of Emergency
Mining for Compliments
We Fly High (Squawkin')
West for Fishing
Your Gil's No Good Here

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