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Spirits Within

The Earth in Spirits Within quite resembles our own world. In fact, the only differences seem to be in the existence of planetary souls and such, as well as a branching history from our own confirmed from the time the Leonid Meteor hit, possibly from slightly before but not much is known about this Earth's history before that event.

The color of the Earth's core, the Gaia soul, is blue, the same color as the soul of any life born on Earth. Any alien lifeforms can be easily distinguished from those born on Earth due to their different color - in the case of the homeworld of the Leonid meteor phantoms, it is red.

Earth civilization has advanced to the point of high technology (higher than current Earth level, especially in the usage of lasers and other forms of energy) and they are capable of, among other things, recording dreams and seemingly (semi-)casual travel to orbit. They can also create high-energy shields around entire cities, with the natural requirement that they must also have discovered a way to power these shields somehow.

Earth? (FF13)

While most of the FF13 series takes place on Gran Pulse, and most of the rest in the mostly-sucked-up-by-Chaos world Nova Chrysalia, the epilogue of the game takes place on a world that very much resembles modern-day Earth. The world also appears in the short story web series Tracer of Memories, where it confirms that while it isn't meant to be our Earth, it's a world with no magic or gods, and meant to be something very much like ours.

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