Dwarven Hollows


Dwarven Hollows (ドワーフの洞窟 [dwarf no doukutsu] or 'dwarven cave' in Japanese) is a cave system on a separate island on the floating continent in Final Fantasy III, and the only known place that dwarves inhabit. Beneath the Hollows is the Subterranean Lake, and in another cave system on the same island is the Molten Cave. The only other feature on the island is a chocobo forest.

The four Warriors of Light come to the Dwarven Hollows in search of the Fire Crystal on the advice of Desch. They discover the dwarves in a bind, as Gutsco has stolen their treasured Horn of Ice that lets them traverse the Molten Cave. The Warriors agree to help and manage to retrieve the Horn, only to lose both it and the other dwarven treasure to Gutsco. The Warriors then track him down to the Molten Cave and retrieve the horns, after which the grateful dwarves grant them both to the Warriors.


Note that the treasure room can only be accessed after clearing Molten Cave. Talk to the dwarf in the town square close to the entrance to the treasure room and he will open the way for you.
To access the Subterranean Lake, you must first change your party into toads.


Regular NPCs
Unnamed NPCs in Dwarven Hollows

Quest NPCs
Legendary Smith


Item Shop
Potion - 50 gil (150 gil in NES version)
Hi-Potion - 600 gil (1,200 gil in NES version)
Gold Needle - 100 gil (300 gil in NES version)
Maiden's Kiss - 100 gil
Echo Herbs - 100 gil
Mallet - 100 gil
Eye Drops - 40 gil
Antidote - 80 gil

Weapon Shop
Tyrfing - 2,000 gil (2,800 gil in NES version)
Fire Staff - 3,500 gil (3D version only)
Ice Staff - 3,500 gil (3D version only)
Diamond Bell - 4,500 gil (3D version only)
Iron Arrow - 8 gil
Holy Arrow - 10 gil
Serpent Sword - 1,500 gil (NES version only)
Salamand Sword - 3,000 gil (NES version only)
Wightslayer - 1,000 gil (NES version only)
Tonfa - 500 gil (NES version only)
Three-sectional Staff - 3,000 gil (NES version only)
Light Staff - 3,500 gil (NES version only)

Armor Shop
Ice Armor - 2,400 gil (1,250 gil in NES version)
Ice Helm - 1,200 gil (2,400 gil in NES version)
Ice Shield - 1,800 gil (1,200 gil in NES version)
Mage Robe - 2,000 gil
Kenpogi - 2,000 gil


Town Square
Talk: Magic Key (after clearing Molten Cave)

Treasure Room
Book of Fire
Book of Ice
Book of Light
Echo Herbs
Gold Needle
Gysahl Greens
Heroic Shield
Killer Bow
Knight Armor
Magic Key x2
Phoenix Down x2
Scholar Hat
Scholar Robe


Dwarven Isle

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