Dragon Roost


Dragon Roost (飛竜のすみか [hiryuu no sumika] or 'wyvern dwelling' in Japanese) is a small hamlet for dragoons to live together with their wyverns. It is located almost directly north of Dragon Valley, and south of Highwind Tower, in a spacious valley between mountain ranges. It is part of the country of Deist.
Of humans, only dragoons are said to be allowed to enter the Dragon Roost. Other than for wyverns and the occasional dragoon, the only other inhabitants are moogles.

After the dragoons of Deist were annihilated in a war against Avalon, the place was abandoned for a short while before the wyvern Ceres brought in Barbara, the only daughter of the greatest dragoon said to have lived. Barbara became the only human habitant for more than a dozen years.






The shop selection of Dragon Roost is offered by one of the moogles. It is unknown if they are part of the Moogle Emporium or not.

Item Shop
Potion - 30 gil
Ether - 1,500 gil
Phoenix Down - 200 gil
Gold Needle - 400 gil
Maiden's Kiss - 60 gil
Mallet - 80 gil
Echo Grass - 50 gil
Eye Drops - 30 gil
Antidote - 40 gil
Tent - 200 gil
Sacred Candle - 100 gil

Armor Shop
Steel Shield - 1,000 gil
Bandanna - 650 gil
Circlet - 700 gil
Steel Helm - 750 gil
Chainmail - 1,650 gil
Silver-woven Robe - 1,700 gil
Steel Armor - 1,800 gil
Steel Gauntlets - 800 gil
Silver Armlet - 700 gil
Leather Shoes - 60 gil

Weapon Shop
Halberd - 1,800 gil
Slasher - 2,000 gil
Silver Bow - 1,700 gil
Tamer's Whip - 1,900




Around Dragon Roost
To be continued

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