Deist (ディスト [deist] in Japanese) is a country of dragoons in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located on the north-eastern portions of the western continent, north of Falgabard and east of Capo. The country includes the town of Deist, a small town of Braska (although this might be an independent town), the Cave to Deist to the north of the town, the Dragon Grass Fields to the west, and to the east, separated by a range of mountains, are several dragoon- and wyvern-related places. The plateau where they are located is accessible through the Dragon Valley to the east of the town of Deist, and includes the hamlet of Dragon Roost as well as the Highwind Tower where dragons nest.

In the present day, all but one of the dragoons of Deist are dead, killed in battle against the Avalonian Empire protecting their home land. After they'd been killed, Deist fell under Avalonian rule, and has been that way for more than a dozen years. Concurrently with the war the dragons withdrew from the humans, deciding that their presence was causing them to get killed.


Deist Town

The Deist Town (ディストの町 [deist no machi]) is located in the middle of the country of Deist, in the main plateau. It is connected to the town of Braska through the Cave to Deist to the north as well as to Capo to the west and the wyvern plateau to the east beyond a range of mountains.

The town's entrance is filled with the graves of the dragoons who fell in the war against Avalon. Beyond them, it is built on two levels (connected through stairways, bridges and caves) due to the region's varying terrain. While houses built of wood/stone are common, some buildings in the town are instead built within the mountain itself in caves.

The amenities of the town include an inn, armor and weapon shops as well as a magic shop. Its famous residents include the wounded ex-dragoon Ricard, and the old woman Ebba.

Deist Cave

Within the boundaries of the town lies the entrance to the Deist Cave (奥の洞窟 [oku no doukutsu] or 'inner cave' in Japanese), a small cave full of strong monsters. It is located in the same mountain where some of the cave-houses have been built in.

Dragon Grass Fields

The Dragon Grass Fields (飛竜草の群生地 [hiryuusou no gunseichi] or 'wyvern grass fields' in Japanese) is a field to the west of the town of Deist on which Dragon Grass grows. Dragon Grass is the only thing capable of curing a poisoned wyvern, and as such is crucial to their survival.





Item Shop
Potion - 30 gil
Phoenix Down - 200 gil
Gold Needle - 400 gil
Maiden's Kiss - 60 gil
Mallet - 80 gil
Echo Grass - 50 gil
Eye Drops - 30 gil
Antidote - 40 gil
Tent - 200 gil
Sacred Candle - 100 gil

White Magic Shop (Level 2-3)
Slow - 300 gil
Silence - 300 gil
Mini - 300 gil
Cura - 700 gil
Protect - 700 gil
Raise - 700 gil

Black Magic Shop (Level 2-3)
Poison - 300 gil
Sleep - 300 gil
Toad - 300 gil
Fira - 700 gil
Blizzara - 700 gil
Thundara - 700 gil

Armor Shop
Steel Shield - 1,000 gil
Bandana - 650 gil
Circlet - 700 gil
Steel Helm - 750 gil
Chainmail - 1,650 gil
Silver-spun Robe - 1,700 gil
Steel Armor - 1,800 gil
Iron Armlet - 400 gil
Iron Bangle - 350 gil
Leather Shoes - 60 gil

Weapon Shop
Orihalcon - 1,500 gil
Tyrphing - 1,800 gil
Spear - 480 gil
Poison Knuckles - 1,700 gil
Heal Staff - 1,650 gil
Flame Rod - 1,600 gil
Ice Rod - 1,600 gil
Thunder Rod - 1,600 gil


Talk to the old woman Ebba to get Abel's Lance.

Enter the Dragon Grass Fields, watch the event and defeat the soldiers to obtain Dragon Grass.


Deist Town
Gold Needle
Silver Bangle
Sleep Ring
300 gil

Deist Cave
Protect Ring


Around Deist
Deist Eagle
Red Cap
Stray Fang

Dragon Grass Fields
Boss: (soldier) x2
Boss: (soldier)

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