Crooked Fork


Crooked Fork (クルケッドフォーク [crooked fork] in Japanese) is an area in the north-eastern highlands of Coerthas in Final Fantasy XIV. The local aetheryte camp is in the middle of the area between mountain peaks. Of these peaks, Eagle Rise is to the north. The Sea of Clouds borders Crooked Fork in the west, to the east is Maiden Glen and to the south-east Hushed Boughs and Scarwing Fall. In the very south can be found a series of tunnels that lead to north-eastern Dragonhead, the only connection to the outside world this secluded area has.


Dawn Vigil

Dawn Vigil is one of the Ishgardian fortresses looking over the Sea of Clouds to the city itself. Of all the Vigils, Dawn Vigil is set furthest to the north-east.


Gwyr-Aen is an ancient circle of stones on the western edge of the Crooked Fork area. It's set on a cliff high above the Sea of Clouds.

While not much at all is known about the history of the place, in 1571 Gwyr-Aen became a sacrifical site for the Lambs of Dalamud.



Camp Personnel
Gatewarden Panha Jaab
Quartermaster Skaetlorh



Regular Monsters
Hippogryph Pup
Snowbuck Stag

Quest Monsters
Coming soon

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