Crimson Bark


Crimson Bark (クリムゾンバーク [crimson bark] in Japanese) is an area in the west Shroud. It is the closest parts of the Shroud to Mor Dhona, and was not often traversed even before the Calamity, which completely rent up the land to make it untraversable.

In version 1.x, before the Calamity, Crimson Bark was still present. To its north-east lie Humblehearth and the city of Gridania. Around Crimson Bark one could find the areas of Turning Leaf to the south, Murmur Rills to the west (beyond which lies the Lilyswim Lake and the road to Mor Dhona) and Lichenweed to the north. The local aetheryte camp used to be in the intersection of all these areas.



Camp Crimson Bark
Gatewarden Yayamo
Quartermaster V'olhmyn
Norlaise (merchant)
Hildeyerd (merchant)


Tradecraft Leves
Morbol Measures
Restocking the Stockade


Regular Monsters
Antelope Doe
Goblin Bouncer
Saltspray Pteroc
Spiny Dormouse

Quest Monsters
Magitek Vanguard

Event Monsters
Deepvoid Scamp
Deepvoid Soul
Deepvoid Warrior

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