Costa del Sol (FF14)


Costa del Sol (コスタ・デル・ソル [costa del sol] in Japanese) is a resort village in Bloodshore in Final Fantasy XIV. It is located at the shore of the Rhotano Sea, and faces towards the Strait of Merlthor to the east. The resort is fairly recent, it was built sometime in the past five years, after the Calamity happened. The proprietor, Gegeruju of Ul'dah, bought the land after would-be settlers found the soil too salt-drenched to grow anything.

In addition to the resort itself and its name, Master Gegeruju is also responsible for some of the flora and fauna that now inhabit the area. The scraggly vegetation native to this area of La Noscea wasn't to his liking, so he introduced vegetation and animals from the Cieldalaes, among other places. It is also likely his influence that when a new aetheryte was installed in the area, it was placed in Costa del Sol rather than a military camp such as Camp Bloodshore that formed the main settlement of the area before the Calamity.



The Flying Shark

The Flying Shark is a restaurant that also produces all the food for Master Gegeruju's table. It is lead by Dyrstweitz, an Ishgardian roegadyn.

Gegeruju's Manor

Gegeruju's Manor is a building rather bigger than most in Costa del Sol. It is built over the water, and features a large terrace for the Master himself to go sunbathing.

Ferry Docks

The ferry docks of Costa del Sol (船着場 [funatsukiba] or 'docks' in Japanese) is hardly more than a pier protruding deeper into the sea than the other walkways of Costa del Sol. Nevertheless, from there a ferry operates to transport people to Limsa Lominsa.



Regular NPCs
F'abodji Nhal
Kuzai Tazai
Ririphon Liliphon
Wheiskaet Rysswoerdsyn
Gegeruju Manor Retainer
C'lafumyn Quoh (GC leves)
Nahctahr (leves)
Delivery Moogle
Merchant & Mender

Cute Courtesan

Quest NPCs
Brayflox Alltalks
Briardien de Manseauguel
Hildibrand Manderville
Jacke Swallow
Landenel Peaumasquier
Tataru Taru
Yalto Nolto
Y'shtola Rhul
Bedraggled Woman
Bronze-skinned Beauty
Burly Dancer
Fell Demon
Hearty Dancer
Leggy Dancer
Reformist Accountant
Suspicious-looking Midwife
Ungainly Dancer


Main Quests
Nix That
A Modest Proposal
The Things We Do for Cheese
What Do You Mean You Forgot the Wine
A Final Ignominy
In the Company of Heroes
As You Wish

Job Quests
Better Axe Around

Side Quests
Bird's-eye View
Buffaloed All the Way
Costa Beach Party
Get a Grip
Pests in the Pillars
The Stench of Danger
To You from Failing Hands We Throw
Unrefined Methods
Who Moved My Headcheese
The Wind, It Passes
Leves of Costa del Sol (leves)

Event Quests
An Adventurer's Life for Me
A Battle Royal
Dashing and Burning
Hot 'n Cold
A Journey to Remember
A Matter of Taste
A Very Cherry Bomb
What's in the Dish
Who Let the Bombs Out

Tradecraft Levequests
Don't Fear the Reaper
Eye of the Beholder
Gegeruju Gets Down
Get the Green Stuff
Growing is Knowing
Half is the New Double
The Hand that Bleeds
Hard Knock Life
It's Only Love
Kitty Get Your Helm
Live Freelance or Die
The Lone Bowman
The Long Lance of the Law
Point them With the Sticky End
Put on Your Party Pants
Renascence Man
Skillet Scandal
Slave to Fashion
Sole Survivor
A Spy in the House of Love
Subordinate Clause
They've Got Legs
Walk Softly and Carry a Big Halberd
The Write Stuff

Fieldcraft Levequests
The Blue Period
Just Call Me Late for Dinner
Kitchen Nightmares No More
A Recipe for Disaster


Fishing: Costa del Sol
Level: 30, Type: Saltwater
Ash Tuna
Bianaq Bream
Fullmoon Sardine
Indigo Herring
Lavender Remora
Little Thalaos
Shark Tuna
Silver Shark


Quest Monsters
Imperial Shadow
Security Mammet
Sellsword Captain

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