Cornelia's Tract
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Cornelia's Tract is the very first area of Final Fantasy All the Bravest. Like all other areas, it has four distinct locations for exploring, two of which are boss battles.
While not much can be said about its location in the world in relation to the other locations, it's known to be directly south of the Bridges of Moore area. It is also one of the few areas to have habitation, the location #4 is a castle while location #2 is a temple.




This section lists the available loot from the monsters in the area.

Bastard Sword
Diamond Bell
Healing Staff
Mage's Staff
Mythril Claws
Mythril Knife
Mythril Rod
Poison Knuckles


This section lists the available monster encounters in every location of the area.

Cornelia's Tract 1
Goblin x3
Gold Bear
Nut Eater x3

Cornelia's Tract 2
Boss: Garland

Cornelia's Tract 3
Cockatrice, Nut Eater x2
Gold Bear
Gold Bear, Nut Eater x2
Silver Lobo x2
Triffid x2
Rare: Kactuar

Cornelia's Tract 4
Boss: Chaos

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