Cornelia (コーネリア [cornelia] in Japanese) is a kingdom in Final Fantasy I. It is located on the northern branch of the southern continent, surrounded by the Aldean Sea to the south and west and Pravoka to the east, to which Cornelia is connected to via the northern bridge. To the north lies the ocean separating the southern continent from the north-western and north-eastern ones.
Cornelia as a kingdom is very small, but appears to be one of the power-players of the present-day Gaia. The habited areas of the kingdom include the castle and the town and presumably the road to the northern bridge. At the northern reaches of the kingdom lies the Chaos Shrine, and between the town and the shrine lies the Earthgift Shrine.


Not much is known about the history of Cornelia. However, the castle is one of the places in the world containing supplies to strengthen the prophesied warriors of legend, the Warriors of Light. Considering that these supplies are said to have been sealed away in the far history, it seems that Cornelia might have long roots.
Sociologically, Cornelia seems to be divided into royalty and commoners, with likely an intervening class of nobility in between. The royals live in a castle a bit of ways farther from the town bearing the name, indicating some need or desire to separate the higher tiers of the society from the lower. Usually this kind of a sociological order implies a long history of escalating differences between the tiers. Incidentally, Cornelia is ruled by a king and his spouse, although it's unknown how much power the queen wields. The sigil of the Cornelian royal family seems to be a chocobo.1 There also appears to be a military system of some kind, consisting of at the very least knights. Real-world examples indicate that usually these knights would be of noble blood, and would command a unit of commoners in times of war.

No notable events in the history of Cornelia are known. Recently, a knight of Cornelia called Garland, their best knight, defected and kidnapped the eldest princess Sarah, taking her with him to the Chaos Shrine. This is where the events of the game start, with the Warriors of Light appearing right outside of Cornelia Town with the dimmed shards of the Crystals on them.
In Dissidia, the Warrior of Light instead of leaving the land where he ended up to after the battles are over, walks over a hill and ends up close to Cornelia. The castle is seen in the distance. This seems to indicate that it is the start of his story in FF1.

Cornelia Castle

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Cornelia Town


The town of Cornelia (コーネリアの町 [cornelia no machi] or 'cornelia town' in Japanese) is located just south of the castle, and is divided into two parts on the overworld. Entering either side will have you appear at the town's entrance. Note that exiting north will not let you enter the castle, you must do that from the overworld map.

Cornelia comes equipped with weapon, armor and item shops, as well as black and white magic establishments, a church (40 gil per revive) and an inn (30 gil per night). Near the water fountain in the town square you can find a dancer girl who can guide you on your way through the first parts of the story.

The sage Lukahn lives in Cornelia Town. He can be found in the upper left corner of the map (near the magic shops) when he's present, but will soon leave the town for Crescent Lake.



Weapon Shop
Nunchaku - 8 gil
Knife - 4 gil
Staff - 4 gil
Rapier - 8 gil
Hammer - 8 gil


Armor Shop
Clothes - 8 gil
Leather Armor - 40 gil
Chainmail - 65 gil

Item Shop
Potion - 40 gil
Antidote - 50 gil
Phoenix Down - 500 gil
Sleeping Bag - 50 gil

White Magic Shop
Cure - 50 gil
Dia - 50 gil
Protect - 50 gil
Blink - 50 gil

Black Magic Shop
Fire - 50 gil
Sleep - 50 gil
Focus - 50 gil
Thunder - 50 gil


Around Cornelia Town
Goblin Guard

Around Chaos Shrine
Black Widow
Crazy Horse
Gigas Worm

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