Copperbell Mines
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Copperbell Mines (カッパーベル銅山 [copperbell douzan] or 'copperbell copper mines' in Japanese) is an old mine off of western Thanalan in Eorzea of Final Fantasy XIV. Its only known access point lies in the very northern reaches of Nophica's Wells.

Not much is known about Copperbell. Judging by the names of the locations within it, antlings have been a bother, and at some point the mines were (most likely accidentally) connected to ancient Sil'dihn aqueducts. It bears noting that the area with the aqueducts is normally inaccessible to players, and the only way out of the area is falling down a ledge to the regular area of the Mines. This is possibly what made the aqueducts the place of choice for the local sect of the Lambs of Dalamud during the days before Dalamud fell.



Regular Monsters
Antling Digger
Dapper Cadaver
Friar's Lantern
Gas Bomb
Heliodor Doblyn
Plain Pudding
Qiqirn Scrambler
Rotting Corpse

Hatching-tide 2011
Sprinting Spriggan

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