Coliseum (FF13)

The Coliseum (コロシアム [colosseum] in Japanese) in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a place built to attract the souls of mighty warriors from all ages and pit them against each other in search for victory and glory. While it's said it was built by humans (presumably somewhere between 500 and 700 AF) in preparations for the Day of Reckoning, it's unknown who exactly built it. It is also a place beyond time, in the Void Beyond. How it got there is unknown. The only staff known is the Arbiter of Time who determines the start of the battles.

During the course of the story, the Coliseum is visited once in order to find a fragment to de-construct Royal Ripeness. The Arbiter grudgingly gives over the fragment to ensure that no further disturbances in time and reality enter the Coliseum. However, there is more to the place than that. It is used as the place where DLC boss battles take place. You can enter the DLC's time of the Coliseum freely, and pick from among the battles you've downloaded to initiate one whenever you wish.


Bringer of the End


Opponent: Omega
Description: From the sky it comes, heartless and bloodless - Omega, Bringer of the End! Unleash your might in the name of destruction…and may all men know despair!

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Operation XIII-2

Opponents: Lightning & Amodar
Description: ?

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