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Cleyra (クレイラの街 [cleyra no machi] and クレイラの幹 [cleyra no miki] in Japanese) is a settlement in a huge tree on the Mist Continent in Final Fantasy IX. The name is either the name of the settlement given to the tree or the name of the tree given to the settlement, it's unclear which way around it is. Either case, Cleyra settlement is inhabited by Burmecians of the Cleyra tribe. Also related to the settlement is the Cleyra trunk, the trunk of the huge tree the settlement is in.

Cleyra's located on the Vube Desert (ヴブ砂漠 [vubu sabaku]) in the same general area as Burmecia is, only somewhat east from it. Another area close by is the Eesistein Coast (イージスタンコースト [aegistan coast]), but that's about it. In fact, Cleyra might just be the settlement farthest removed from other settlements on the entire Mist Continent. Other than Burmecia, you have to cross several mountain ranges to enter Lindblum far to the south or Dali far to the west, with the other major places being even farther away. It bears noting that the entire area where Vube Desert and Daines-horse Basin lie is enclosed by mountain ranges on all sides but towards the Eesistein Coast. You can cross the mountains at two major places, through Gizamaluke's Grotto in the south or the North Gate in the west beyond Burmecia.



Cleyra settlement was founded by a tribe separating from Burmecians a long time ago when differences in their beliefs arose. The Cleyrans left their ancestral home of Burmecia and wandered into the Vube Desert, where they climbed the big tree and started living on its top branches. The leader of the cleyrans bore a fragment of the summoning jewel, which they then used to protect Cleyra. The protection took the form of a continuous sandstorm around the Cleyra tree, making sure no outsiders would have an easy way in. The summoning jewel was placed in the settlement's cathedral, now part of a sacred harp.

Cleyrans, being a peace-loving people, then proceeded to isolate themselves for a long time, only having occasional contact with the outside world. They had time enough to bring about their own culture - which might or might not have been a derivation of the parent Burmecian culture.
During the game, Zidane Tribal and his friends (including the Burmecian Freya Crescent) enter Cleyra to warn them of the invading Alexandrian queen who has just destroyed Burmecia, and to protect the settlement if in any way possible. Soon enough after their arrival, things get in motion. The Alexandrian army invades, led by General Beatrix. The general obtains the summoning jewel with ease, and retreats with her forces. Zidane and his friends follow suit, just in time to see Odin summoned to attack Cleyra. Cleyra is destroyed to the ground, with none of the huge tree left standing.


Cleyra Settlement

Cleyra settlement is where the cleyrans live, and is situated at the top of the Cleyra tree. You can only access the town by climbing up the maze of tunnels within the Cleyra trunk.

The major areas of the city are the Cathedral at the very top of the town, the windmill that uses the power of the sandstorm around Cleyra to bring water up to the tree, the observation post close to the Cathedral and the market area where you can find shops an the local inn.
At the very bottom of the settlement area is an overflow of sand. Several submerged buildings appear in the sand, so it may have been a living area of the settlement once upon a time. However, in the present day it is an antlion's nest.

Cleyra's Trunk

Cleyra's trunk, quite likely due to the sandstorm, is filled with sand. This sand is the shifting kind, in that the way up the trunk is also filled with sandfalls, sandpits and numerous sand creatures. It also has several levers that make sand within the trunk shift and flow in different ways, revealing new walkways. If you want to find your way up to the settlement, you have to navigate through the flowing and shifting sands, but also the natural maze that the inner parts of the Cleyra tree form. The road up winds this way and that, sometimes coming out of the trunk briefly only to head back in.



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Nina's Medicine Shop
Potion - 50 gil
Phoenix Down - 150 gil
Echo Screen - 50 gil
Soft - 100 gil
Antidote - 50 gil
Eye Drops - 50 gil
Annoyntment - 150 gil
Tent - 800 gil

Soldier Dan's Shop
Partisan - 1,600 gil
Air Racket - 400 gil
Mythril Rod - 560 gil
Flame Staff - 1,100 gil
Ice Staff - 980 gil
Needle Fork - 3,100 gil
Bone Wrist - 330 gil
Mythril Armlet - 500 gil
Mythril Gloves - 980 gil
Thunder Gloves - 1,200 gil
Magus Hat - 400 gil
Bandanna - 500 gil
Mage's Hat - 600 gil
Mythril Helm - 1,000 gil
Chain Plate - 810 gil
Mythril Vest - 1,180 gil
Chain Mail - 1,200 gil
Mythril Armor - 1,830 gil


Cleyra Settlement
Echo Screen
Ether x2
Gysahl Greens
Mythril Vest
Phoenix Down
Phoenix Pinion x3
Remedy x2
Thunder Gloves
Yellow Scarf
Nymph card
Zuu card
970 gil
1,250 gil

Cleyra Trunk
Desert Boots
Flame Staff
Gysahl Greens
Ice Staff
Kupo Nut
Magician Shoes
Mythril Gloves
Mythril Vest
Needle Fork
Phoenix Down
Silk Robe


Vube Desert
Axe Beak
Hedgehog Pie
Sand Scorpion

Eesistein Coast
Axe Beak
Gigan Octopus
Hedgehog Pie
Sand Scorpion
Whale Zombie

Cleyra's Trunk
Carrion Worm
Sand Golem
Sand Scorpion

Cleyra Settlement
Black Mage

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