Chocobo Farm


The Chocobo Farm (チョコボファーム [chocobo farm] in Japanese) is located in the Grasslands of Final Fantasy VII, close by to the Mythril Mines to the south-west and the town of Kalm to the north-west. The Grasslands themselves lie on the mostly secluded eastern edge of the Midgar continent.

It's unknown how the farm has stood where it is, or how big it is comparably to other similar locations. It does appear to have many stalls for chocobo, and the head of the family running the place seems to be a shrewd business man, milking travelers for all the gil he can.

During the game, you can enter the chocobo farm to gain information on how to get past the mountains - by catching a chocobo. The boy of the family will sell you the required items to do so. Later on, you can return and stable your own chocobos there.




Choco Bill
Choco Billy


100 gil

Billy - ask about catching chocobos
Chocobo Lure - 2,000 gil

Billy - Disc 1
Mimett Greens - 1,500 gil
Curiel Greens - 800 gil
Pahsana Greens - 800 gil
Tantal Greens - 400 gil
Krakka Greens - 250 gil
Gysahl Greens - 100 gil

Billy - Additional
Lasan Nut - 600 gil
Saraha Nut - 400 gil
Luchile Nut - 200 gil
Pepio Nut - 100 gil


Choco/Mog Materia
Talk to the chocobo by the fence. Respond with 'Wark' to gain the materia.

Pass the Marshes
Buy the Chocobo Lure from Choco Billy in the stables


Around Chocobo Farm

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