Ceruleum Field


The Ceruleum Field (青燐泉 [seirinsen] or 'ceruleum spring' in Japanese) is one of the only ceruleum deposits on the continent of Aldenard in Final Fantasy XIV. It is located in the middle of northern Thanalan, and is surrounded by (clockwise from north) Cutter's Pass / Castrum Meridianum, Raubahn's Push, Bluefog and Hidden Gorge. Hidden Gorge and the larger part of Cutter's Pass are no longer accessible as of version 2.0, and there is no word on the condition of Hidden Gorge since the Calamity. Cutter's Pass was largely built over by Castrum Meridianum in the years following it.

There is some indication1 that the deposit of ceruleum continues below the Sea of Spires that stretches out towards eastern Thanalan in the east and south-east.



Fishing Log: Ceruleum Field
Level: 45, Type: Freshwater
Grip Killifish
Ignus Snail
Ilsabardian Bass
Wootz Knifefish
Wootz Knifefish Zenith
Timeworn Goatskin Map

Category: Area

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