Cave to Yggdrasil


The Cave to Yggdrasil (天空樹への洞窟 [tenkuuju e no doukutsu] or 'cave to the sky tree' in Japanese) is a cave in Final Fantasy Dimensions that leads from the northern mountains to right below Yggdrasil. The entrance on the mountain side is hidden with a switch of some kind, it's unclear what is required to activate this switch, but doing so makes part of the rock wall move aside and reveal the entrance.

During the course of the story, the Warriors of Darkness had to pass through the Cave to Yggdrasil to enter the Yggdrasil since the main entrance was denied to them. The old ranger with them took them to the northern mountain with the entrance, but couldn't remember why he took them there and what to do once there. Nacht looked around and uncovered the entrance with ease.



Map 1
Eye Drops

Map 2
Silver Bangle

Map 3
Dry Ether
Tamer's Whip

Map 4
Sacred Candle

Map 5
Steel Armlet


Cait Sith
Cave Lizard
Cave Turtle
Dark Mage
Red Soul
White Mousse
Boss: Green Keeper

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