Castrum Occidens
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Castrum Occidens (カストルム・オクシデンス [castrum occidens] in Japanese) is one of the strongholds built by the Garleans in the Seventh Umbral Era, following the Calamity. It is located in Agelyss Wise, right nearby a shard of Dalamud that fell during the Calamity. The shard is in fact an entrance to the Binding Coils of Bahamut.

The commander of the castrum was Praefectus Rhitahtyn sas Arvinas1 at least until his defeat at the hands of the Warrior of Light at the dawn of the Seventh Astral Era, and if another commander was appointed it's unknown. The castrum is manned by the 2nd Cohort of the XIVth Imperial Legion that was under his command.




Regular Monsters
2nd Cohort Eques
2nd Cohort Hoplomachus
2nd Cohort Laquearius
2nd Cohort Secutor
2nd Cohort Signifer
2nd Cohort Vanguard

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